Monday, April 4, 2016

April Fool's Dinner

So did anyone get fooled this year for April Fool's Day?! I tried my best to trick my family, but they are a pretty smart group, here is what I did!!
A nice dinner set out for my loves. I picked up some polka dot party ware at Walmart and re-sued this green table runner. I even added some candlesticks for that extra special treat!
Happy April Fools!
Looks like cupcakes right? Take one bite and discover its meatloaf and mashed potatoes...April Fools!! This was super easy and cheap, I picked up some Stouffer's frozen meatloaf & a family size package of instant mashed potatoes. I added some red food color and...April Fools!!
My next trick, I pulled out my load pan to create a meatloaf but take one bite and discover its Cocoa Krispy Treats..April Fools!
A silly dinner needs some silly hats, right?! I picked these up at Oriental Shipping and used my free shipping code...SCORE!!
My Little Piggy, oink oink!
My Baby Cow, moo!!!

It was a fun dinner to do, I can't wait to trick them again next year!!


  1. Love the surprise cupcakes.... never would have guess meatloaf, but Stouffer's makes a really good one!!

  2. I think Stouffer's made a better one then the one's I have made in the past, and it was cheaper!!