Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Spring updates

With Easter over and the next holiday being Mother's Day, I don't really have that many holiday decorations before July 4th comes around. As I put away my Easter stuff I replaced it with some spring decorations I had in storage. The only new thing I got were some pretty flowers. Here is what I put out around the house:
I picked up these pretty artificial blue hydrangea's at Walmart and trimmed them down to fit into this vase. I had an Easter basket sitting here before. And I found this cute little rooster from Lakeside Collection I had ordered last year.
On our pantry door I had an Easter Bunny, so I replaced him with this cute green rooster I ordered from Etsy, I love the polka dots and our names on it!
Our garage looks like a toy bomb exploded. It's filled with bike's, scooter's, tools, saws, a lawn mower and math books. We can only fit one car inside and its tight. I envy bloggers with organized garages and nice shelves, maybe one day! In the meantime I ordered this cute iron welcome sign from Lakeside Collection and I've had the Hey y'all decal from Etsy for a while (hello Paula Deen!!). We use our garage door the most so I want to try to make is look a little nice. I had an Easter wreath hanging up and replaced it with my Xmas P monogram! I just took off the red ribbon...SCORE!
I've had Mr. Welcome Crab for years!! I found him at Home Goods and have loved him since. I think he is perfect for warm weather and he had held up very good. Who is ready for some crab legs and butter?? YUM!!
I changed my He Is Risen Cross for a simple flower door hanger, this is an Etsy buy too. I got 2 hanging flower baskets and plastic black plant holders at Walmart for $25.00, not too bad. I think they add a colorful touch!
And with all the beautiful weather I took the girls to our neighborhood swing set. I was taking this pic of Nicole when I heard Taylor yell, look Mommy, I am going to jump off!! Eekk!!

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