Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Picnic in the Park

My hubby made the suggestion we have a picnic in the park Sunday since the weather in GA has been so great lately. I packed up some sub sandwiches, crackers, a lunchable and some cookies with a blanket and off we went!
We went to Sims Lake Park in Suwanee, its not really close to us, but its got a great playground and lake. So we found the nearest shady spot!
I'm loving that she can sit up on her own now, I feel like we can do so much more with her! This is a quilt my Mother in law made my hubby, its all kinds of special shirts he had growing up, very cool!
Taylor was excited to find some cheese crackers!
Love this big tree we found, lots of shade to keep us cool.
Taylor found a goose, I think it made her day!!
"I need more crackers Mom!!"
I wear my Lilly P glasses anywhere I can! Look at Nicole, I think she knows what a selfie is!
Resting and playing doesn't happen as much as I wish it did, I really try to soak up these moments between the craziness life can bring!


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