Thursday, April 28, 2016

Simple Joys

Working full time is a lot of hard work :-) But having little joys in the work week really help us all. From someone saying they appreciate and recognize your work to buying lunch for you, it defiantly helps employee moral. Here are a few simple joys this week that include some yummy lunches at work...SCORE!
I am not a big salad eater, I prefer the yummy things in the salad rather then lettuce but I think Mellow Mushroom has the best salad ever! Maybe its the olives or yummy salad dressing but you know I was going back for seconds. And their pizza is just as good, love that crust!
Work sponsored lunch usually includes dessert. I picked up this huge cookie for that 2 PM feeling :-)
Sweet dreams are made of Lilly P! My Mom got these lovely monogrammed pillow cases for me, I love them and they are cool, great for the summer nights!
I love Jimmy Fallon and Tonight Dough Ice Cream is so good!! Watching his show, eating this ice cream is just awesome!
Should I get this for my hubby or Dad?!
Glazed hot Krispy Kreme's are great, glazed hot Krispy Kreme's with chocolate are even better. Glazed hot Krispy Kreme's with chocolate and sprinkles...I can't even....
My little ray of sunshine!
I love a good before and after! I ordered this wreath from Lakeside Collection. I saw an Instagram picture where a wreath was hung over these 2 small cabinet doors we never use, I really like it!
My sweet friend Katie sent me this picture, notice her pretty nails, she always has the best colors and is a Charming Charlie lover like me! Hello Yellow!
I posted this new purse in my Disney on Ice Post, but I love it so much I wanted to show it again! Its too small for my everyday stuff but think it will be great when I take the girls to the zoo or pool!

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