Monday, April 18, 2016

60 in Style

We had a wonderful weekend celebrating my favorite Dad's 60th Birthday Party! From the invite, to the decor, and the food my Mom outdid herself, it was fabulous!! Here is a party recap:
My Mom scored these invites from Etsy and they were adorable, they look like real tickets!
I had ordered the girls some Bulldog Dresses back in March, Taylor has a black dress with a cute Bulldog cheerleader. A fantastic dress maker named Catherine with The Monkey and The Weasel made them for me. She is also very affordable!
Here is Nicole in her red outfit, check out that toofie coming in!
Mom and I printed off all the pictures we could find of my dad through the years and she put together these cute posters!! His hair was much darker back then. And don't you just love the twinkle lights in the fireplace, I am thinking I want to do this at my house!
My Mom with Nicole and my cousins Abby & Caroline, aren't they beautiful twins?!
Love these number balloons and so did the kids!
This was one of THE BEST cakes I've had!! There was pudding in the cake which made it really moist and the icing was divine! My Mom and me could have eaten the entire thing I think!
The Varsity food truck rolled up serving hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, onion rings & chili, it was a HIT!! Everyone loved it, made fresh and hot, the best hot dogs in GA in my opinion!!
Big and little kids love The Varsity!! Uncle G enjoying a cold one while Taylor is working on that dog!
What'll ya have!!!???
My niece and nephew with Taylor
Celebrate good times!
My sweet Uncle and Aunts having fun!
All the kids and me were ready for cake!
My parents with their lifelong friends The Phillips :-)
Sweet cousins
Nicole is not old enough to enjoy The Varsity, but hold enough for the hat!
If you have not noticed, we have not shortage of girls in this family :-)
My Dad is such an awesome guys, he has been there for me forever. I loved getting to celebrate him!


  1. We will always remember what a fun weekend & party it was! Thank you so much Lindsey for all your help, support & great photography! Couldn't do it without you...we are so blessed with our family & friends... life's most cherished treasures!

    1. It was a great party all thanks to your hard work!!

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