Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Hidden Valley Ranch Chicken & Simple Joy's

Around here in North GA it's spring break for a lot of the school's. I have been enjoying lighter commutes and Starbuck's in the morning thanks to a gift card my brother gave me...SCORE! We are taking the girls on a little trip which I am excited for, a nice & well deserved few days off of work this week. I wanted to share a yummy & cheap supper I fixed Sunday night. It's a recipe I found off one of my favorite blogs and it's a keeper for sure!!
I pulled out my trusty crock pot and threw everything in and it came out delish!! You will need:

-3 frozen chicken breasts
-2 cans of new potatoes
-1 can of green beans
-1 packet of Hidden Valley Ranch dips, I used half the packet
*I poured everything into the crock pot, the juice from the veggie cans gave it a lot of flavor. It cooked for about 4 hours then I pulled out the chicken and cooked it a little more on the stove top. I cut it up and put everything in a bowl served with some store bought frozen biscuits, it was really good!

This admission may make me the biggest Cheese head's around, but I LOVED The Passion New Orleans that aired on Fox Palm Sunday. From the music to the message I thought it was so good!! So much that I ordered the soundtrack from and have been listening to it every morning going into work. If you didn't catch it, the show uses popular songs as a way to tell The Crucifixion story. It's got singers I already love like Trisha Yearwood and Seal who cover hits made by Celine Dion and Tina Turner...YES!! They had a full choir in the background too!! Yolanda Adams starts by singing When Love Takes Over, its awesome!! She is so good. My favorite is track #13, We Don't Need Another Hero, remember that song by Tina Turner from Mad Max? Seal and Juan Carlos do a great cover. It's a great message about love which is always a win!
If you have not tried the new Caramelized Honey Frappacino, you should! Its SO good!!

China Garden and Chicken Salad Chick all in one work week? Hello lunch break!! 2 of my favs, nothing beats Chinese take out and you all know my now CSC is one of the best lunches out there!!
I'm not much of a drinker but I picked up this little cutie just for the color and it was pretty good! Like a blue pina coloda, a fun way to celebrate the weekend!
What can make a yummy Edwards Frozen Peanut Butter Chocolate Pie better? The Pioneer Woman's cute pie pan! I swoon over her collection every time I pass it at Wal Mart, so far I have this pie pan and butter dish.
We took Nicole's 6 month pictures this weekend, Nicole did great, Taylor not so good :-( She pouted the entire time and threw a huge fit, how embarrassing. Luckily our photographers have a 2 years old so they were sympathetic. Not sure how they will come out but I will let you know. They did look really cute though, I got these matching dresses at Lolly Wolly Doodle, they are expensive but so adorable!!
The girls also had spring pictures at school, I am hoping Taylor was in a better mood for those!! How cute are these little vest's and dresses, I scored them from, $13 bucks each! Taylor wore her cowgirl boots too..."These boots are made for walking..."
Loosing the baby weight is no easy task. I envy those women who only gain a small bump and fit into their jeans 2 weeks after giving birth, but its just not me. With both my girls I gained almost 80 LB's, I swelled and ate a lot of ice cream :-) I try to keep a realistic approach about it knowing I didn't gain it all in one month and I can't loose it all in one month. With the longer days I have been strolling Nicole around the neighborhood, it's a great way to relax and enjoy the weather. And it helps to wear my cute Rapunzel shirt I found on Ebay. Sing with me now "7 AM the usual morning line up.."
 Two special loves in my life share early April birthday's. My Grandmother Kee would have been 95 years old this year, she made it to 90 here with us. I love all my Grandparents and was blessed to have them as long as I did. All 4 lived close to me growing up and I spent a lot of time with them all. My Grandmother Kee was kind, smart, independent, a woman of faith, a Mother of 2 boys, she was a great cook, she was detailed in everything she did. She was there at every birthday, awards ceremony, sick day, graduation, holiday. She was even at my wedding in pink. I wish so much she would have got to meet my girls. She did get to meet her first 2 great grand kids and LOVED them. She left us a few weeks after her 90th birthday and looking back I know why. A few months after she passed away I also had a miscarriage. I know she got there first to welcome our Angel Baby & was there to hold the next. I will always love my Grandmother Sara Kee XOXO
After I graduated college and got my own little one bedroom apartment, my next step was to get a dog!! When I got Gizmo he was so tiny I could fit him in my purse! He was my longest relationship for years. He moved to several apartment's with me. He was there when I got married and had Taylor. He was a loyal dog with big ears and eyes. He hated when I left him. This coming May will be a year since he went to doggie heaven. I think about him a lot and especially my last moment with him. He would have been 12 years old this year. He loved me a lot & is a dog no one will ever forget!!

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