Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Simple joy's & what I wore

I am usually not a person who join's club, but I wanted to tell you about the best one I ever joined, Dollar Shave Club! If you have leg hair and shave, you will love this. Razor's are SO expensive and a huge rip off, I felt like I could get a good week's use out of one and it would become dull. But who can afford almost $10 for a small set week after week. DSC has changed all that! I pay $4/month and they ship me a month's worth of razors, a fresh one every week. I got it for my father in law and he loves it too!
Since I don't have much free time and my job requires a lot of tying, painting my finger nails can become a lot. They chip just a day or two after I paint them and it never fails, while I am drying my nails someone needs to be picked up! But since we were going on spring break, I lighten up on the make up and thought I should do my nails. I had a few moments to use my new Lilly polish and enjoy a mint sweet tea...heaven.
My hubby picked this yummy, buttery, big biscuit up for breakfast for me from our local gas station...SCORE!
While getting ready for work I had Pandora on shuffle and our wedding song came on. We danced to Tim McGraw's My Best Friend, my husband is not a big county music fan but I couldn't think of a better song to express how I felt. I love the song and still do XOXO
Taking a vacation is something every hard worker needs to do, but sometimes it will cost you. To the tune of hundreds of emails waiting to be read, this Jamaican Me Happy helped.
After 2 Novocain shots, a crown, 2 fillings and $800 bill, I was over my 2 hour dentist visit. Since my mouth was still numb when I got home for dinner all I could find was this breakfast drink I get my hubby. I was really wanting a Chick Fil A milkshake but it was pretty good I must say!
I am a little shy of colored jeans, but I tried stepping out of my comfort zone with this lime green jeans from Walmart. I paired them with this black & white top and denim jacket, an outfit idea I saw on Pinterest.
We had some spring like weather this week so I pulled out my favorite white capri's with a Lilly shirt and monogram necklace. Lilly + Monogram=LOVE
I got these stripped pants from the website, I really like them but can't figure out if they are navy or black! So I went with black this week :-)
I don't shop at JCPenny very much but I ordered this cute yellow lace sleeveless dress and got so many compliments. I paired it with a teal cardiagin and necklace from Kohl's
I absolutely love this print I saw on, but it was sold out in my size. So when I saw it shopping I snagged it up! I love all the colors but it its very form fitting, especially around my still look like I'm preggers belly. But I love it and wore it anyway, hello control top undies!
Just a reminder when us Mom's look in the mirror...

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