Thursday, April 14, 2016

Sweet Moments

As any parent knows, some days can really test what you are made of. My girls are very young so I have not experienced the teenage years, but the kiddie years is hard work. From the sleepless nights to someone always needing you to do something, it can wear on you. Add a job on top of that and a nightmare commute and the day can really get you. My 3 year old as no filter, she is like a senior citizen! She will just say what ever she thinks, she never lies but sometimes the truth can knock you down when it comes to how Mommy looks or how Mommy is like the big bad wolf...ouch!! I never thought my self confidence could fall apart thanks to a little girl, but I am trying to teach her what is nice and not nice to say about people. But as in life, with the bad comes the good. There are those moments when you see your kid share or give you a big hug or say how pretty your yellow hair is :-) I realize why we do all this, all for love. Here are just a few moments I was able to capture that make me smile!
Look at my baby girl sitting up by herself, eek!! She is so cute and sweet, of coarse I had to do a side by side comparison with her big sister, both pics taken at 6 months old on our bed.
I love having 2 girls for many reasons and one of them is sharing cloths! Who is ready for another side by side?!
I enjoy getting to use the same cute outfits again!
While trying to go through some emails while I was out I looked up and saw Taylor sitting at the table feeding her Cabbage Patch doll a bottle of water like we feed Nicole. Just another reminder she is sponge and watches/hears everything we do. She is so sweet sometimes XOXO
Nicole got a stomach bug and ear infection, poor baby. We spent 4 hours at the doctor which was a lot, but I am also grateful for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, cause babies just don't get sick M-F 9-5. Having a doctor open after hours is a blessing. She is on some stomach medicine and pink stuff, not quite herself  yet but better. She feel asleep on me and I loved it. any cuddle time with my girls I take!!

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