Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Pops of spring around our house

The weather in Georgia has been great these last few days, clear blue skies, cool & comfortable. Still a lot of pollen but all the flowers are starting to bloom. I purchased some hanging baskets from Walmart to pot in my clay black pots I keep on both sides of the garage door. The needed some TLC and Taylor helped me out!
Nothing major or expensive, I just purchased some black spray paint and gave the pots a fresh coat.
Then I just took the plastic hangers off the bucket and placed them as far down as I could into the pot. I also got this cute little seasonal flag from Lakeside Collection, they have a great website if you are looking for home decor that is cheap!
She is just as lovely as the flowers XOXO
Nicole also helped me with some flower planting, I got half way around the tree before Nicole had a break down, but eventually got them planted. Home projects can take a while with little ones!
Our azalea bushes from Home Depot we got last spring are starting to bloom, so pretty!
And the cherry on the Sundae, I picked up some ferns at Walmart this weekend, I hope they can make it all summer, ferns on the front porch are so Southern to me!!

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