Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Cathy's Condo

Ever since I was a little girl my family has been attending Georgia Bulldog football games. When we lived in Lawrenceville we would drive every Saturday morning to Athens for the game, but when my parents moved to Columbus, it was a much longer drive for them. So a few years ago my parents and my aunt and uncle purchased a condo in Athens we all stayed at. Its been great and very convenient, but was getting tight with all the kids and dogs so last year my parents purchased their own condo in the same complex and it has given us all a lot more space! Of course with my Mom, its the best decorated condo in the complex! She has always had a great sense of style and decor. So I wanted to take you on a little tour of my family's Athens condo!
A friendly welcome to all our family & friends!
Parking is in the back of the house so most people enter into the kitchen first. When they purchased the condo everything was WHITE! My parents worked with Athens Custom Cabinets for the back splash and new counter tops. I especially love the bench they built on, its so cute. All the rugs are from!
The kitchen is connected to a great seating area and a bathroom. Notice the highchair in the corner? It was my Dad's when he was a baby, it was brown and had a cute little lamb. I repainted it UGA red and black. The electric fire logs came from Lowe's and add a cozy touch!
Here is a view of the cozy den Mom put together, these 2 window's look out on to the pool. This sectional sofa came from Ashley Furniture and the beautiful curtains came from Waverly. I would have never thought of adding to different curtains on the window, but my Mom is creative like that!
With small kids around having a rocking chair is a most! They got these 2 leather ones from Ashley Furniture and the coffee table/ottoman from Ballard Designs, one of my Mom's go to shops! She also has some black and red blankets for a nice touch. My Mom also loves lots of little lamps, she said it comes from growing up her Dad making her turn all the lights off cause he was so cheap!
Another view of the den with Hubby and Nicole. I love that big red clock!
My favorite room in the condo is the master bedroom, talk about beautiful!! Who wouldn't want to snuggle by this cute fireplace after a long day tailgating?! My Mom got the mantel for $60.00...SCORE! My Dad & Uncle David secured it to the wall, David built a "hearth" out of plywood, and Mom painted the hearth & the wall behind the mantel black. She found the hand painted fire screen at The Junque Yard.
Across from the fireplace is this HUGE (I'm doing my best Donald Trump voice right now) bed she got at Ashley Furniture. My Mom is a monogram lover like me, she is a true East Point, GA peach & will monogram anything she can! I just love the gingham cushion and pillows on the bed.
She used the black and white gingham fabric again in these lovely curtains.
When you walk through the master bedroom into the master bathroom its unlike one I have seen before. Two toilets and two closets, so my creative Mom turned one of the closets into Taylor's Frozen Room!! Its super cute and all the kids love it!! I will take more pics next time I am up there cause its so cool but as you can see looking at the picture, she hung some curtains up, found this cute toddler bed at an antique store and got the sheets and rug, all Frozen themed from Walmart. The little chair in the corner came from an antique store also with the best pillow, "One shoe can change your life."-Cinderella XOXO
The condo has 3 bedrooms, my hubby and I stay here, this bed was my parents at the first condo, it may be the tallest bed I have ever climbed into!! Its like jumping hurtles in my old track and field days! The bed came from Haverty's.
My aunt had this old white crib in her attic, so when it came available my Mom got it and transformed it into a princess crib for Nicole. She hung up this netting and some white flower balls. The condo has another room not pictures, my brother stays there. I will get some pictures of it soon! I call it the library with all the wood paneling! My Mom said the biggest impact since everything literally was white, floor tile, walls & kitchen cabinets,it was like a blank slate and needed some color.  The paint is from Sherwin-Williams and its called "straw wheat".... great "new neutral "color that goes with everything!

I hope you enjoyed this little condo tour, I can only hope I can make my home feel as lovely as the homes I grew up in decorated by my Mom. Here is some of her best decorating advise:

-Best advice whether you are tackling a new or old house, or simply one room - try to have a focal point in each room, a wall grouping, fireplace or favorite piece of statement  furniture (like a secretary, even if you don't use it, it makes a statement!) and build your room, furniture, colors
&  accents around it.   Pick a "theme" something that you truly love & enjoy and start collecting accent items, you will be surprised at what you'll find at the sidewalk shops & of course Etsy is a great place to start!    Area rugs pull the furniture together & makes a room cozy.  I love wall sconces, they give a room intimate lighting (overhead lights remind me of the office!)  Remember, your home is your sanctuary, the place where your family lives & memories are made... no matter if it's a cave or
a castle, there is no place like home!!


  1. This is great Lindsey! I don't know when you have the time to take the pictures or write, but what a fun tour! Having our family together is my greatest joy & a sweet reward for all the hard work that goes into creating any home. Looking at these pics & reading about each room reminds me of how blessed we truly are. You make this mom's heart smile!!

  2. On a funny note... our king sized bed in the master bedroom is so big it easily accommodates 2 adults, 2 grandchildren & 2 dogs.... just the way we like it!!