Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Welcome Summer!

Last Friday was the end of the regular school year around our house, although Hubby will start summer school in just a few days and work continues for me like usual, we still celebrated warm weather and longer days with a Welcome Summer Party!!
 I did a Frozen theme party, cause I want to stay cool in the heat!! I ordered a yummy pizza and got some Frozen themed snacks.
 Powdered donuts where our snow balls and orange slices where the slices of summer!
 I already had the Olaf snowmen toys so this was a super easy table scape to put together!

 An easy Welcome Summer poster!
 A basket full of fun!! Shaving cream, silly string and jump ropes
 Daddy showing Taylor how to push the shaving cream out
 Daddy got us with the silly string!
 A small piece of what our yard looked like!
 Ice cold Popsicle's are the perfect Frozen treat!
 Stuffed crust=Stuff your face!
The water table got it too!
Summer time is such a special time to be a kid, I hope my girls have the best one yet!
With all this fun Nicole needed to rest and relax!
He knows better then to get me with that silly string!
Even PK got foamed!
Our neighbor Emily came over to play too, they covered Daddy's car!
It was all smiled and fun Friday night, we had a fun time playing and getting messy!!
I hope this summer brings lot of fun and adventure for everyone!!


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