Thursday, May 18, 2017

Family Pictures

If you grew up like me in the 90's then you are probably very familiar with the incredible singer Chris Cornell, I was so sad to hear of his death yesterday. He was a huge part of the grunge movement that took over my middle school and high school years. And he just better with age. I said I could have listened to Chris Cornell sing the dictionary. His voice was incredible, a 4 octave range. I have read he struggled with drugs and depression in his life. I have been listening to his songs all day, what a talent! He will be missed.
 On a more upbeat note, we recently got our family pictures back from our awesome photographer Lily McGregory I wanted to share! There are a lot, I hope you enjoy!
 Lily found this awesome nature train in Suwanee we met her at, it was a windy day but beautiful!
 Close your eyes, its a kissing pic!
 Wee!!! This is real life here, she loves for us to swing her!
 This is my favorite pic!
 What a lucky girl I am to have these 3 in my life!
 Best friends forever
 Always be my baby
 Taylor Sara, 4 years old
 Nicole Michelle, 1 year old
 Always wants Daddy to hold her
 Daddy's girl
 Trying to get Coco to smile!
 Ever wonder what Hubby would look like without a beard? Just look at Nicole!
 Monkey in a tree
She loves blowing these
 My girl
 Butterfly kisses
 Everyday I get with my family is a blessing I am thankful for, they are all the loves of my life!

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