Thursday, May 25, 2017

Taylor's Ballet Recital

In Taylor's 4 years, this may have been one of my proudest moments of her! This week she dazzled and impressed our family with her ballet/tap recital! I was grinning ear to ear the entire time and so was everyone else. She amazed me with all she could do. I had NO idea she had learned so much!
 I invited her Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. It was a Monday night so some people could not attend which we understood. I had so much fun getting ready for the party, I literally spent all day cleaning (not the fun part) but getting all the pink and gold decor our sure was! I ordered this beautiful paper fans from Design N Square on Instagram. I used her for my Christmas tree, she is fabulous! I picked up this already cut wood from Home Depot, spray painted it gold and hot glued the paper fans. The paper tassels came from Etsy and I printed off some ballet pics.
 Taylor's favorite part of the cupcakes!! She is a cupcake FREAK! Like she could eat 10 in one sitting, she loves them! I got these yummy ones from Publix, I got the cream cheese frosting instead of buttercream and loved it, I will be ordered cream cheese from now one for sure!
 I also picked up a smaller version of the cut circle from Home Depot, I think this was like $5 and I added the same gold spray paint and hot glued the flowers. I love how they turned out and have asked Hubby to add some hooks on the back so I can hand them in Taylor's room!
 The pink satin table cloth came from Walmart and I accented it with the sparkly gold table runner from Ebay, it was only $ 3 bucks from Hong Kong, just give yourself enough time when ordering :-)
 Taylor took balled/tap every Monday at her daycare thru Creative Dance and Movement, they came to her school which is AWESOME! We couldn't have done it without Gigi's help!!
Here is our beautiful pink princess! 
 I helped her change into her dress then went outside to save the family some seats.
Speaking of seats, check out these winners!! The kid seats!
 We were all cracking up at Poppie's little seat!!
 So proud of my niece Avery for making straight A's this year, she is a smarty!! And Poppie the photo bomber!

Here she is on center stage!
 Ryder and Avery were there to cheer on their cousin!
 This is one of my all time favorite pics!! These 4 love us and our girls so much and I know how proud they were of her! I have a picture similar to this after my recital surrounded by my 4 grandparents and I treasure it, isn't it funny how life comes full circle?
Proud parents!
 Taylor got lots of beautiful flowers and we got tons of video of her dance we will treasure forever!
Everyone came back to our house after for some food. I ordered a yummy assorted sandwich tray, fruit, chicken salad, popcorn chicken, chips and tea from Publix, it was fantastic!
 Our sweet neighbors let Nicole stay over during the recital, she is not quite old enough to sit still. We had lots of food left over and have been enjoying it all week.
I told Hubby that night being a parent is tough work, its exhausting sometimes but this truly was one of the sweetest moments I experienced as a Mommy and I am so grateful for it. Its like seeing your heart dance outside your chest. Taylor Sara, we are so proud of you!

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  1. The performance was fantastic & the refreshments after.... well, yummy & fabulous! We are so proud of Taylor & so thankful to be able to share in special dance debut!~