Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Mother's Day

I've always known I have the world's best Mom, but it wasn't until I became a mother myself I really appreciated all that Mom does. It's a lot!
It's defintaly the hardest and best job out there. From the moment your eyes open until late at night when they close, you never stop. I think there is always something to do. But its so awesome too, my girls have changed me for the better. They heal my heart and make me strong, even when I am not strong, I am strong for them.
Hubby did a great job helping the girls with Mother's Day, I felt loved and appreciated, isn't that what we all want?!
 Nicole made me this adorable foot flower for Mother's Day, love it!
 I asked Hubby to take a picture of Taylor and me, but look at Nicole smiling so big, no doubt they are watching Secret Life of Pets!
 Coco is all about the BIG hug!
 Here is my beautiful painted bell from Taylor XOXO
 Saturday we headed up to Athens to celebrate Mother's Day with my parents and G, Nicole is not a big fan of the water yet, but she sure does look cute in her swim suit!
 Gigi went to Walmart and got all kinds of fun pool toys, including this shark float!
 Uncle G and Taylor having a water gun fight!
 A little bike riding on a pretty day
An extra treat, Gigi and Granddaddy watched the girls while Uncle G, Hubby and  I dined at DaPalmas Italian Restaurant, here is a pic of the yummy bread! I could possibly live on bread alone.
 Lasagna, yum!
 Cheese face!
 Rocking and Rolling
 Gigi & Taylor walking the dogs
Who let the dogs out?!
Mom's pretty room at the Athens condo, love that cozy fireplace!
How lucky am I to wake up with these girls every morning?
Also a big Happy Mother's Day to my Mother in law and Sister in Law, they are the BEST!!
All Gigi's babies XOXO
Being a Mommy is a dream come true for me, its something I always wanted and try to be the best at. I have one chance to do it right with my girls and I want to give them my best. Happy Mother's Day to all the ladies out there! I know for many its a difficult day and one filled with missing their own Mom or the longing to be a Mother. Stay strong, Tough as a Mother.

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  1. Thank you for making my Mother's Day so special...just by being there! You're right, it's what we all want!~