Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Waffles, A Pool Day, & Goodwill Finds

I love Saturday mornings when you don't have to get ready to be anywhere! When you can just hang out until you are ready to go somewhere fun! I pulled out our awesome and easy waffle maker we got for our wedding almost 8 years ago and made some breakfast last weekend with some watermelon, so good!
 Much to Taylor's excitement, our pool opened this weekend and we were there first thing Saturday morning!
 Taylor was jumped in the pool and Coco jumped on the table!
 A little bit cold at first!
 But she was all smiles :-)
 Not ready to get in yet!
 Our little mermaid
 Going to the pool with little ones is a lot of work! I laugh cause you can see the difference at the pool with parents who have older kids and those with younger ones. One set brings a book or IPAD to read, the other set is already in the water :-) Nicole was worn out, she feel asleep on the walk back, little sweetheart XOXO
 If you are like me, sometimes instead of one big meal, you would rather just snack on different snacks! I made this platter of watermelon, cheese, olives, crackers, cherries, chocolate and Cheese Nips for Hubby, Taylor and me, they loved it!
 Nicole was my shopping buddy this weekend, we were looking for some good thrift story deals.
 I thought these flowers were so pretty outside the store :-)
 I ended up finding these cut baskets at Goodwill for a buck each...SCORE!!
Saturday night we went to our sweet friends Drew and Alison's house, we had so much fun! We enjoyed some BBQ chicken, baked beans, and potato salad. The girls had fun too playing with Jackson and Addy, I hope we can do it again soon!!
Nicole likes reading the bunny book at church!
 Gimme your phone Mommy!
Look at the steam coming from the parking lot Sunday morning, it poured rain and then got really humid! But we were still happy to be there!
If you live in GA you are experiencing lots of rain, like flash floods! Not good for the hair!! Keep smiling thru the rain :-)

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