Thursday, May 4, 2017

Hair Cut, Master Bath Update & G

Over the weekend Hubby watched the girls for a few hours while I got to get my hair cut, it was a treat!! I always enjoy getting my hair cut, from the washing, to the styling, to the new products and smell good hair its so much fun!! I wish I had a hair stylist everyday :-)
But for now I enjoy Bob Steele Salon in Alpharetta, I've been seeing them for a number of years, they are super sweet, do a good job and very well priced...SCORE!
 I love seeing all the great products, although they are too much money for me usually I recognize a lot of them from Instagram hair bloggers :-)
 I usually don't buy any of the products they used, but I changed it up this visit and splurged on this Redken High Rise Volume mousse, my stylist used it and I could instantly tell how much fuller my hair looked! I have been using it everyday since then, just running it thru my damp hair before I blow dry and I really like what it does. Gives me more hold and volume with out being sticky or greasy, and the smell is great!!
 Here is my 2 inch shorter with layers hair, what do you think?!
 When its hot and humid you can find me & Coco by the fan, any fan!
 I've always loved the look of chandlers over a big garden tub, although maybe a little unsafe!! You never know what can happen when I put my thinking cap on...
 Enter Hubby and his ladder in the bathtub!
 Yeah!!  Candelabra!! I ordered this from Amazon, it was about $35 and I purchased the candles separately.
 All it required was a hook and chain from Ace Hardware, special thanks to Hubby for hanging it up for me!!
Here it is a night, Taylor was in here with me when I took this pic, she loved them!
Last week American Treasure Willie Nelson turned 84 years old. I have always been a big Willie fan, but who isn't? Even if you are not a country music fan, you know who Willie is. Here is one of my favorite quotes of his.
 Speaking of treasure, I want to give my faithful blog reader and brother a BIG Happy Birthday wish! He turned 28 at the end of the April, here is a throw back pic of when I was taller then him!
That is no longer the case now!! G is a big teddy bear with a huge heart. He is very clean too. Like don't even think of bringing a red fruit punch in his car, it would not be good if it spilled! He loves country music, he also loves cold weather. During the summer, no one is hotter then G, except maybe me when I was preggers, that was hot. He is smart and holds a Masters Degree. GA sports are his thing. He knows everything about every team, his biggest love of course is the Dawgs. Although we disagree a lot when it comes to our Bulldogs, we both sill love and cheer for them. He loves Chick Fil A, but not a Starbucks fan, I am trying to work on that! He's a great Uncle too. I remember when I found out I was going to be a big sister, I couldn't wait for my Mom to have the baby, I was 9 when he was born, I was so excited to see him & I still get excited to see him. He makes me laugh like no one else & I wish him the best year EVER!!! Love ya G XOXO

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  1. I love this brother & sister... they make my heart smile!~