Tuesday, May 9, 2017

We Painted Our House!

I have been so excited to tell you all about the biggest home improvement project Hubby and I have ever done...we painted our house!!
I am over the moon with the results!!
Y'all its such a pretty improvement, when I pull up in our driveway I can't believe its our home, so pretty! Our home had the original mauve color it was built with which was not terrible. Hubby and I didn't hate it our anything, it just wasn't the color we would have picked, plus it was about 12 years old I think! I joked the song Little Pink Houses by John Mellencamp was about our house!
I know a lot of people are uncomfortable talking about money, but its a part of everyone's life and we all work hard for it. You have heard me talk many times on being on a budget and we are and always will be I think! Painting a home is not cheap for sure. The only reason we were able to swing this was thanks to the HUGE daycare payment we made in 2016. With 2 young ones in full time daycare we got a tax refund back that allowed us to do this, that is the reason why we could afford it. We thought this was the time to do it, hopefully our daycare payment will start decreasing in the fall with Taylor starts PreK so our refund won't be as large. Just wanted to put that out there :-) 
And now for the before...
 Here is the original color, not sure of the name but like I said, its not terrible but I knew it could be a lot better!
 Our house doesn't look huge from the front but it is long!! Here is the side our fishbowl that everyone sees driving by :-)
 Here is the back of our house and our main entrance really. We are outside all the time and its the side we see most.
 Here is a half and half pic, the left side is the original and the right side is the new color, its Dorian Gray from Sherwin Williams, I saw it on Pinterest and loved it!!
 Look at this, its so much better and fresher!!
 After 2 full days they are almost there!
We used Rodriguez Painting and can't say enough great things about them. They pressure washed and in 2.5 days they painted our entire house and trim. They worked so hard, even on Saturday when it was REALLY windy. They always had a smile on their face. The total was the exact price they quoted us, I would defiantly recommend them!! Here is their website:
A close up view from the front, look how great the white trim pops out with the gray!
Drum roll please...the after!!
Yeah!! I am so proud of our sweet home, we are beyond blessed to have a beautiful home our sweet girls can grow up in. I complain about a lot, but I know we are so fortunate to live in a fun and safe neighboorhood, with great neighbors. It's nerve wracking making a BIG payment for anything in life, but we are so happy with the results and have no regrets!!
Home Sweet Home XOXO

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  1. Looks beautiful... you must feel like you have a brand new house!~