Thursday, May 11, 2017

Slower Cooker Ribs & Teacher Appreciation

I am not a big time cook or anything and have never been really comfortable cooking meat, I think its the fear of not cooking it enough and getting everyone sick! Plus I am not the biggest meat eater, I like it but would much rather spend my time cooking/baking something sweet!
I picked up the latest issue of Cooking with Paula Magazine and there is a recipe called Rib Sticking Good. Pretty much all you have to do is buy the ribs and put them in a crock pot!
Hubby loves ribs so I knew he would like to try this!
Here is the recipe straight from her magazine, we both loved it! 
-3 lbs pork ribs 
-6 oz tomato paste
-1/2 cup apple cider vinegar
-1/3 cup brown sugar
-3 tbs mustard
-2 tbs honey
-2 tbs lemon juice
-2 tbs soy sauce
-1 tbs chili powder
-1 tbs liquid smoke
-2 teaspoons black pepper
-1 teaspoon salt
-3/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
-2 cloves garlic, minced
 1. Spray crock pot with cooking spray and place ribs in cooker
2. Whisk together all the ingredients
3. Place a layer of paper towels between slow cooker and lid, cover and cook on low until tender, 5 hours. Serve ribs with sauce in slow cooker
 I think you will really enjoy these, I know we did. The meat came right off the bone without a knife, very good! And I loved the sauce the best, very sweet.
 When life gives you lemons, wear matching lemon shirts! I love these outfits from Kmart, I wish they came in my size!
 I changed up my mantel for spring and Mother's Day! I added some pretty pink flowers with candle holders from Kirklands and a cute butterfly wreath from Walmart. I also put out some of my past Mother's Day gifts the girls have made me, I treasure them!
 This simple wreath is so cute and a great deal, $7 from Walmart...SCORE!
Here is a close up of my new Kirkland's candle holder, so feminine and pretty!

I took this pic of Taylor looking our the window, she loves the hear the birds!
 Weekends are made for donuts, right?!
 My girls playing with my old doll house, love it!
 Afternoon playing at the park, my pretty girl
 We picked up some Firehouse subs and had a little picnic at the park, what is even better then Firehouse Subs, sweet kisses!
 As you probably already know its teacher appreciation week! Teachers do so much, so I wanted to make a special thank you for the girls daycare teachers. They have a lot and I have a little budget to I created these TOE-TALLY awesome nail polish and remover bags! I gave them each 3 pretty polished and some remover with a tag saying thank you. We are so blessed for the great care our girls get everyday, they are loved and cared for, thank you teachers!!

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