Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Secret Life of Pets Movie Night

Last summer we took the girls on our first family movie theater trip to watch The Secret Life of Pets, it was so cute but we didn't get to see all of it cause Nicole told us it was time to go! So I was excited to watch it for our movie night & Taylor was REALLY excited cause she has been watching the movie at daycare :-)
 I had lots of fun with this one cause there are a lot of Secret Life of Pets party decorations out there! I got the table cloth, plates and cups from I had these doggie ears from a previous movie night so I reused them!
Woof! Woof! It's  Taylor Dog!
 When the 2 main characters are dogs, this was a no brainier!! Hot Diggity Dogs!
 Some chew toys and pupcorn in a doggie bowl, AKA Twizzlers and Popcorn!
Hubby Pup & Coco Pup!
 Best Pups Forever!
 Our own cat PK, I know his secret life is pretty much sleeping and eating all day, what a life!
 Nicole loves a good bag of chips, look at that cute smile!
 Dancing to the opening song, New York!
 "You are going to need a bigger lap"-Duke
The Secret Life of Pets and super cute, we have watched it many times and the girls love it, its a must see for any pet lovers out there!!

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  1. I can't wait to see "The Secret Life of Pets"... tell Taylor that Gigi wants to watch with her!