Friday, May 5, 2017

Simple Joys

That Friday feeling, right?!
This is my new favorite tee! You know I like to get seasonal shirts so when I was thinking about May and Mother's Day I thought this tee was perfect!! I ordered it from the Etsy shop Lift Her Up Clothing, their shop is super cute and speaks the truth!
 This new book arrived yesterday from Amazon and I can't wait to dive in, I just have to find the time to do it!!
 Me and my church date, all smiles :-)
 Isn't she lovely?!
 My blessings XOXO
 Using my McDonald's app I was able to score a free icee!! They were very good! We got fruit punch and cherry limeade flavors.
 Taylor liked the fruit punch flavor the best!
Blondies have more fun!
 Daddy went by the dollar store and put together this treasure box all on his own! He has been using it to reward Taylor for doing chores around the house, she really likes it (not the chores but the toys!!)
 A big blue sucker for picking up toys!
 Waiting in line stinks!
 Love me some hash brown casserole and its super east and cheap!
 Hubby loves to grill and I get to enjoy it!
 I am not a big deviled egg fan but I thought these looked yummy! Fancy Pantry is one of my all time favorite restaurants  for sure!
Sunday morning smiles :-)
My new Happy Everything plate attachement for May, some flowers of course! I also got this cute little bird house to sit next to it, I thought it was great for spring.
I hope everyone has a very Happy Everything weekend!!

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