Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Granddaddy's Birthday, Iced Coffee & New Door Hanger

I was so blessed growing up to have all 4 of my grandparents live really close to me and I got to spend a lot of time with them all. My Grandmother & Granddaddy Kee lived in Snellville and my PawPaw & Granny Canida lived in Stone Mountain. All 4 of my grandparents are now gone, but I got a lot of time with them which I will always treasure. My Pawpaw was the only grandparent who got to meet Taylor, I have one pic of him smiling ear to ear holding 2 month old Taylor, he passed away shortly after that. My Granddaddy Kee would have been 100 years old this May, he is what I would describe has a gentle giant! He was really tall, but with me always sweet and calm. I wanted to share some old pics of him I treasure!
 Here are my Grandparents on their wedding day, September 7, don't they look happy?! Check out Grandmother's bouquet of flowers, WOW!! I defiantly see my cousin Melanie the most when I look at young pictures of my Grandparents, plus Melanie will be a bride herself in a few weeks.
 Here is my Dad on  his wedding day with Uncle David and Granddaddy, don't they all look handsome?!
 Straight from the baby book, here I am with my sweet Granddaddy and Aunt Sarah XOXO
 Here are both my grandparents with G and Mom and my senior show at North GA College, it was called Street Of Dreams. They were always there full of support and love. Every birthday, awards day, graduation and in between. Both of them were very involved in their church and loved being able to give and support their family and friends. If there was a funeral, Grandmother was there to give a hug. They helped me with a car and even helped my parents with a new roof I believe. When our water heater was broke, I remember Granddaddy coming over to help my Dad fax it, always with his Blue Circle hat on. They gave and gave with loving hearts. I sure do miss them, but I believe I will see them again and I know they know my girls XOXO
 I love my new Iced Coffee Recipe sign from The Hazel Gray Ship on Etsy, its SO true!!
1. Have Kids
2. Make Coffee
3. Forget you made coffee
4. Drink it cold
Right Moms and Dads?!
 My beautiful All American Girl! I am thinking this dress will be perfect for Memorial Day, another cute outfit from Kmart. And of course she has her princess dolls with her!
 I am thinking of doing pineapple and sunflowers for my summer decor, I got this cute green pineapple from Kirkland's with a printable, Be Like a Pineapple, Stand Tall, Wear a crown, and be sweet on the inside!
 Warmer weather means cute sundresses, this is a Taylor dress, Coco looks so pretty blowing bubbles!
 Last week my sweet boss provided all of us lunch from Jason's Deli, I LOVE their pasta!
 And each of us got to take home these pretty flowers, she is so thoughtful!!
 Beep, beep!!
Nicole at the wheel!
She loves watching movies and Bubble Guppies, look at that smile!
Check out how caught the UGA foul ball!
Loving my new May flower door hanger!! Its huge and I think its perfect!! I love the bright yellow color and of course it goes great with a newly painted house. I think I am pretty close to having a new door hanger for every month of the year...this does not surprise my brother!

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  1. Loved the grandparent pics... we were so blessed to have them! ~