Friday, January 13, 2017

Winter Mantel & What I Wore

TGIF everyone, its finally...
 Hope your week has gone good and will go even better with the weekend just around the corner. I wanted to share an update on my den mantel, I took down the Christmas stockings and decor and put up some snowmen!
 I use a lot of white and blue in winter decor, the snowman shovel and wreath came from Lakeside Collection last year, so cute! And I wrapped some twinkle lights around the shovel for some warmth. The mantel runner came from Etsy a few years ago, it has a winter pattern on both side and little white pom poms around the edge.
 Here is a closer look, I've been collecting snowmen decor over the years, the light came from Lakeside Collect, the Let it Snow wood cut out came from Etsy and the LOVE snowmen came from Walmart!
 On the other side of the mantel I put up the girls Olaf doll and a picture of Baby Taylor in the snow!
 On our front door I hung our silver monogram snowflake and my Frozen printable, it reads "Winter's a good time to stay in and cuddle"
Isn't that right?! 
 It's hard letting go of the glow of Christmas lights, so I found this string of snowflake lights from Amazon, love them!
 The other night the wind was blowing pretty good and it looked like the snowflakes were moving, love how they light up our front door!
 Here is a pic of our house 2 days after the snow that came thru GA. A little more then we got in Athens.
Here is a side view where the sun had not hit yet and since we still had freezing temps it stayed another full day.
It's crazy we went from snow last weekend to spring like temps on the way. Either season is a great Lilly P season! I paired my favorite Lilly P dress with a navy tassel necklace and Lilly P vest Mom got me.
 I love the colors of this Charming Charlie's top and shaw, its so pretty and comfy! I am no hair stylist but I tied this messy bun from a post Kate on The Small Things Blog did, although the pic is not great it came out pretty good!
 I think everyone has a white top in their wardrobe, its a classic! I love this one with the little black and white bow that ties in the front from Everyone at works always seems to love it. I paired it with some black pants.
One of the best perks about the weekend, hope you enjoy!


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  1. Your hair always looks great up or down... but the updo is beautiful on you!!~