Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Sweet & Sassy Haircut

Over the weekend I took Taylor to Sweet and Sassy Salon to get a hair cut, its so cute and totally girly!! Her hair had gotten pretty long so it was time for a good trim and she did fantastic!
 Here is a before shot, look how long that hair is! Also, notice the name is the background? Her hairdresser's name was Taylor too!
 Brushing out all the tangles, when I attempt this at home, its a scream fest! Here, she didn't say anything!
 It also helped that Beauty and the Beast was playing in the background!
 4 inches cut off!
She did great!!
 Time for a heart stamp on the cheek!
 I think she likes it!! Check on the glitter hairspray they used!
 Our beautiful girl with a new hair cut
 A big sucker to celebrate!
 After her hair cut we filled up on some gas at Race Track then got some treats! 2 bags of chips and a big Coke!
Yum!! Munchos are some of my favorite chips and they are super cheap!
I was so proud of how Taylor behaved, so grown up! She defiantly has the sweet and sassy behavior down!

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