Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Fabulous Gifts

I wanted to share some of the fabulous gifts I received for Christmas today! I don't want this to come off as I am bragging, just wanted to share some of the things I love!! I always receive way more then I deserve at Christmas from my family.
 Mom & Dad gifted Hubby, Brother and me with new pillow sets from My Pillow and monogrammed pillow ceases. The pillows are super comfy, we love them!
 Mom surprised me with a Birchbox subscription, so far I love it. Every month I get some upscale beauty samples, this month my favorite has been the blowout spray and face lotion. This set also came with some smell good perfume, but I accidentally dropped it on the tile and it shattered everywhere, I was so upset, but it did smell really good. I will share my thoughts on the products in more detail later.
 Hubby gifted me with a new Lilly P dress, gift card, calendar and hair ties. I was so happy there was some Lilly P under my tree!!
 Here is the dress I got with my gift card, its the Oh Shucks print, notice the oysters? I love anything with an oyster print, its so beachy!
 Here is the Devon print dress Hubby got for me, its so bright and comfy!
 My brother really surprised me with this North GA print he made and framed for me. I graduated from NGCSU so it holds a special place in my heart! I hung it under the GA wood cut out he got us last year, both look so good!! Thanks G!
 My mother in law ordered me this lovely Snow White sweater from the Lauren Conrad Disney line at Kohl's, its fantastic!!
Here is the sweater I paired with some old brown pants and a tank top under, I wish I could have got a picture of the back, it has a beautiful bow at the top, very feminine!
One of the yummiest stocking stuffers every, Godiva dark chocolate with sea salt, lets just say this didn't last too long and I ate Hubby's!
 Omma gifted me with the Coton Colors Happy Everything plate I have been eyeing for over a year, its so cute and has a seasonal attachment. I purchased this snowman, isn't he cute?! I can't wait to add to my collection!!
As you can see I got a lot of great items for Christmas and I am so thankful for it all!! Here is a picture of my greatest gifts tucked in bed (our bed) for the night, how blessed am I?

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