Wednesday, January 25, 2017

15 month vaccines and David Bowie Tribute

With both of my girls in daycare, they are pretty strict about keeping everyone's vaccines up to date, which I think is a great thing. So it was time for Nicole to get her 15 month vaccines last week and she handled them like a champ of course!
I love our pediatrician Dr. Campbell, she is super sweet and a Bulldog fan! My only complaint is the wait times there, my goodness it seems long and by long waiting an hour before seeing the Dr. Waiting an hour for anything with a kid is not fun.
But for some reason, we got lucky last week and were the only ones there and it was a short wait...SCORE!!
Playing the waiting game with a Dr. Seuss book. My girl was a champ, they made her wait with out her shirt and the AC was blowing right on her, BRRR!!!
 This girl loves her shoes, even when they are off, she wants to be holding them! I didn't take any pics after this point, you can imagine getting 2 shots she was not a happy girl. But the screaming only lasted a few minutes and she was ok. They told me she is in the 33% in height, I think I have a petite little lady!
A few hours later she was rolling around and smiling!
For Christmas this year I gifted Hubby with tickets to see The David Bowie Tribute performed by The Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, it was absolutely fantastic! My sweet coworker and friend Katie kindly watched the girls for us!
 No Katie and Taylor did not grow beards, they love doing SnapChat!! I am so grateful for Katie spending her Friday night with the girls they love her! She has watched the girls before and was a BIG part of helping me this summer when Hubby was in the hospital. She watched the girls and spent the night so I could spend time at the hospital, she is awesome!
 When I got the tickets to the concert I searched Ebay for a cool and cheap David Bowie tee. I found this one for under $10 and paired it with my blazer and gold tassel necklace.
 Here we are walking into the show, The Atlanta Symphony is located in The Woodruff Arts Museum. Its an Atlanta jewel and holds the High Museum of Art along with The Center for Puppetry Arts. If you live in Atlanta and have never been, defiantly check it out!
 The entry into Atlanta Symphony Hall
 Being on a tight budget all I could afford were seats on the very top row, but it was still awesome!! The guy at the end welcomed us saying "Welcome to Row K!!!"
 Notice no one behind us but the wall!
The concert was so much fun, they played all his hits like Golden Years, Little China Girls, Young Americans, Lets Dance and 2 hours more of hits, awesome!!
 It was a great date night for us, we stopped by Wild Wings for a bight to eat on our way home!!

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