Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Happy Portmas!!

 Happy 2017 Everyone!!
It's back to work for me today, Hubby is still enjoying his Christmas break, Taylor is now the 3rd victim of what I am calling Nicole's revenge, AKA a stomach bug that started with Coco, got me, and now got Taylor. Hoping a sweet girl starts to feel better, I know its rough. But I am grateful she can stay home with Hubby today. I am also grateful for the time off work I have enjoyed the past two weeks, it was nice getting a break from the traffic and every day rush. I am slowly packing up Christmas decorations and putting my winter decor on display but I will never pack away the memories! Here are some pics of Christmas with my in-laws and my MIL's beautiful Christmas home, enjoy!
  One of the many perks Hubby enjoys as a teacher is awesome gift cards his students bring him, Starbucks is always my favorite, I was able to use one and purchase this yummy peppermint mocha frappacino on our way to Omma's, it was so good and full of chocolate.
 It was very warm Christmas weekend here in GA, like flip flop weather warm. So I wore my short sleeve Rudolph tee with my buffalo check vest. Notice the new bag Mom gifted me, love it!! Here is a better view:
 Its from Barrington gifts, she saw it from Instagram under Cassie at Sugar Plum's feed, I follow her to, lots of great idea outfits, especially if you love jeans!
 It was raining the day we went over there, but here is a picture Omma's beautiful home, she puts out her deer, hangs some beautiful garland around the entry way and candles in every window. Their home is so welcoming and charming, just like my in laws! It reminds me so much of the home I grew up in, love it!
 Here is the white ornament tree Omma's displays in her living room, you can see Ryder smiling big cause we were about to open gifts!
 Poppie helping the Grands rip into a BIG gift!
 Nicole got a new riding toy!! Taylor loves it too!
 This cute little tree is in Omma's foyer and is hanging with beautiful shell ornaments.
 One of Taylor's favorite things at Omma's is her Christmas train around the tree, she LOVES this thing and Omma has the patience to sit there with her and keep re-attaching it :-)
 Uncle G's favorite ornament, this one sits center of the tree, its little Hubby!
 Big smiles playing with the train!
 A cute new pink bike to ride around on! Watch out for Coco!
 In Omma's kitchen she has a little tree with cookie cutter ornaments and Angel Ryder at the top. Check out the cute gingerbread house they made too!
 Also in the kitchen Omma's displays all the kids and grand kids Santa pictures, this is my favorite!!
 Yup, this is what you think it is, Rudy on the wall!
 Uncle Ropo with Avery and Taylor
 Omma kept a lot of the kids stuffed animals growing up and put them on this colorful wreath, so sweet!
Taylor playing with Avery's new Barbie camper!
 Every celebration Omma puts together a beautiful tablescape, here is Avery lighting the candle. And we had a lovely meal to go along with it!!
 RyRy & CoCo
 Omma and Poppie surprised the grandkids with a trip to the circus this spring, YEAH!!!
 Omma has a beautiful collection of golden reindeer displayed in her guest bath
 For dessert I used my great new crock pot to make this super easy dessert, its called Cherry Dump Cake! And you can use any type of pie filling. Grab on box of yellow cake mix, 2 cans cherry pie filling and one stick of butter. Pour in filling, top with cake mix then melted butter, cook on high for 2 hours and you will LOVE it, just like a cobbler!!
 Enjoy with some vanilla ice cream!
We had a lovely time celebrating Portmas, my in laws go out of their way spoiling us and the grandkids, they are so sweet and a huge blessing in my life!!

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