Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Decor Around the House

Every day since New Years I have slowly been packing up my Christmas home decor, 10 days in I am still packing up! It takes me a while but I don't pressure myself. I do as much as I can and that is good enough for me! I am almost done, just some outdoor decor to take down, but with the winter storm that has come thru, I put some of that on hold. It should be warming up later this week so I think I will be able to finish up then. It is a little sad when the Christmas decor comes down, do I try to keep the festive spirit with my winter decor, pretty much snowmen, white, silver and blue colors and anything kind of rustic. Here are a couple of pics of what I have up so far!
 This beautiful monogram plaid plate is my newest decoration, it came from my favorite blogger, Dixie Delights! I thought the colors would go perfect with my blue and white snowmen.
 I found this cute blue and white snowman platter at Lakeside Collection, they have by far the best and most affordable winter decor I have been able to find. If you know of another online store I would love to hear!!
 One of my favorite things to change through out the year if my drink bar in our kitchen. I keep the hot cocoa bar I had for Christmas but changed my Christmas tree and Santa for some snowmen and snowflake garland!
 I replaced my jar of chocolates with some sugar and put a little snowman on top, to look like snow. I also pulled out some snowman mugs along with my solid white ones.
 I got this cute snowman sign from Walmart and the silver tree and snowflake bowl are old Home Goods finds. On the chalk board I wrote Baby its cold outside per Hubby's suggestion.
 We keep our Keurig on the kitchen counter corner, to winter it up I used Taylor's Olaf doll, a little snowman and her picture sledding in the snow from daycare. I also tied some blue ribbon around the Kcup jars.
 For the centerpiece of our dining room table I used this beautiful candle holder jar with white trees and deer and snipped some branches off our Christmas tree. I got this jar at Home Goods last year as well as my white cake stand.
 Also in our dining room I hung this white Joy wreath I got from Lakeside Collection last year with some white ribbon, its one of my favorite wreaths!
Hope you enjoyed this little winter tour, its still a work in progress so I will share more as I get it decorated!!

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  1. Beautiful...love the winter theme & keeping it festive cause sometimes it can be JAN-U-UGLY !!