Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter chest, Pioneer Woman collection & GA on my mind

Its the beginning of a new work week around here and for me personally a new start. Not going into too much detail but I messed up on something that upset me cause I knew better. Does that ever happen to you?
But I have decided the best way to correct it is to not do it again. Its done and over and now its time to become better and do better, so that's why I love this quote so much.
Over and over again so many of us are shown mercy and its something I try to give back and give forgiveness, cause I have been forgiven over and over again XOXO
 Shifting gears to something fun!! The Let it Snow banner I ordered from Etsy came in and I love it!!
Scrolling around on Instagram I've seen twigs used for winter decor and I love it!! Plus for me, its free, I just picked some sticks out of my front yard...SCORE!!
I placed them in my milk glass pitcher with a white satin ribbon tied around it. I also got this cute snowman lamp post from Lakeside Collection.
 You may notice we have a good amount of Olaf dolls in our house, but thats ok cause he is so cute and goes great with my winter decor!! I got this door hanger the year Hubby and I got married from, its perfect for winter but pretty heavy so I like to display it in a stand.
 I added my baby blue table runner from Home Goods to the table to add to the winter colors and I keep lots of photos of the girls. Hopefully I can get matching frames one day for all these pics!!
 I am slowly getting a little Pioneer Woman collection, I think her items are so pretty and a great price at Walmart. This utensils container is big and beautiful!!  A lot prettier then the beige ones I currently have. Hopefully I will add more to my collection!
 Atlanta is a happy place right now!! Our loved Falcons won big against Green Bay yesterday and now have a spot in the about a...SCORE!!!
We are all so excited around here and Rising Up!!
The Falcons are a great team and we are cheering on #2 as he gets a well deserved chance in Houston, GO FALCONS!!
And on another note, although Atlanta is happy right now, some of our fellow Georgians have been hit hard by serve weather, so we are also thinking of them, GA is the best place to live in the best country in the world!

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