Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Bulldog Basketball & Clocked!

You may have heard me mention before, my parents and brother live in Columbus, GA. Its west GA and they love it. Its about 2 hours south of us here in Cumming and always a few degrees warmer for sure. They don't get to see has much snow days as the few we have up here in metro Atlanta, so when my Dad and brother got word there would be snow coming on the same weekend they would be in Athens, they were SO excited!! My parents were sweet enough to get my brother, Hubby & I tickets to see the Bulldogs play Missouri in basketball, what's even better is the offered to watch the girls while we went out...SCORE!!
Here are some pics from our fun game!
 Like the rest of North GA we were watching the new all night, even Dad got into showing where the snow would hit, we laughed cause he looks like a meteorologist in this pic, HDawg weather forecast!
 Here is a view outside our condo bedroom window, defiantly not 4 inches but still very pretty!
 Big jacket on, Taylor is ready to head outside!
 Do you want to build a snowman?!
I didn't get a picture of Nicole in the snow cause she was chillaxing!
 In cold weather I try to layer as much as I can, although its cold outside, the heat was going inside. I wore my long sleeve black dress from, brown boots, buffalo check vest and red & black stripped scarf for the game.
 I was all smiles walking into the game, that was until my awesome big purse was not allowed in...are you serious? YUP! The security guy made me take it back to the car, it was a cold walk back and you can bet next time I will bring a smaller bag!! Then when I got back to the gate my ticket blew away..not a great start!
 The coliseum where the Dawgs play is very nice, lots of space, good concessions and nice restrooms with spaces to change your baby, I wish the football stadium would take note!
I enjoyed a hot dog, Coke and peanuts for $14...NOT A SCORE! But it was pretty good :-)
 My bro and me, GO DAWGS!
 Hubby and his messy peanuts
 The game was filled with lots of dancing, cheering and music, even a fight! Very entertaining!
 After the win we headed downtown to a yummy burger place called Clocked!! It was so good and they had this crazy Japanese movie playing we kept laughing at!
 All the milkshakes and desserts they offer
 I enjoyed the pimento cheese burger, Hubby had the blue cheese and G had the cheeseburger. Plus they were served with some great tater tots, crispy and delicious!
 Not only  can you get a great burger there, the milkshake was AWESOME! Hubby and I shared a peanut butter malt!
To thank Gigi and Granddaddy for the game and watching the girls, G picked us all up some Insomnia Cookies, its a great little cookie shop in down town Athens and it smells divine!! Like a warm oven with cookies baking!
 I've shared some pics of my parents condo before, here is another of my parents red and black bedroom. I love the monogram curtain with buffalo check!! Mom is a great decorator.
Next time you are in Athens check out Clocked! at:

259 W Washington St, Athens, GA 30601

Then head to Insomnia cookies at:

228 E Clayton St, Athens, GA 30601

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  1. Guess we'll just have to get our blizzard at Dairy Queen, but the "dusting" we had was beautiful... just like Athens! Had a wonderful time snuggling with our granddaughters all weekend & cheering on the Dawgs!