Thursday, January 19, 2017

Simply Joys, A Front Porch Update & What I Wore

While getting ready in the morning, my head seems to all the sudden turn into the biggest to do list, its like I run down all the things I have to do and usually write them all down in my cute little book. While getting ready this morning, I was thinking about all these work related things, how I have to do this before this, they program is making things harder then before, and objectives I have to present. Then I was like, stop it. Its too much. I don't get paid enough to let work consume my thoughts, especially when I am not even in the office yet. While at home, I want to be at home. I found this quote and felt like its exactly how I needed to handle the day, one thing at a time. And so far I have been much less stressed...SCORE!
Hope that was not depressing, I am grateful to be working for sure, but I think for everyone it can be a lot a stress and we have to remind ourselves of what really matters, and what brings us lots of joy! So here are some of my simple joys this week!
 My second Birchbox arrived and its even better then the first! Its filled with a detangler, face scrub, eye pads, eye shadow, and the best smelling shampoo and conditioner! Although its $25 a bottle, WAY over prices I am seriously thinking about asking for it cause it smells so good!!
 Chili's has a great lunch special, sandwich, fries and soup or salad for $8, love their potato soup and its a great price...SCORE!
 Being a sports fan in GA is not easy task, its filled with lots of hope then crashing disappointment!! So when the Falcons beat the Seahawks over the weekend for a shot at the Superbowl, its something to celebrate, especially with some cookies!!
 I picked up this new Cover Girl mascara and its fantastic!! I can really tell a difference in my lashes when I put it on!
 I try to be grateful everyday, too blessed to be stressed, right?!
 I took this picture of Taylor before church on Sunday, lover her cute new hair cut, she looks so grown up!
 I finally got myself an onion chopper! I hate chopping onions, this really helps, love it!!
 Nicole loves her some popcorn, especially when she can feed it to Daddy!
 I picked up this cute little sign at Walmart, $2...SCORE!!
 Nicole relaxing with some popcorn watching a movie!
 When your favorite Reba song Fancy come on Pandora, crank it up!
 I updated our front porch a little bit by adding these cute Better Homes and Gardens wall scones, I have the same ones in our master bath. I really liked the way they came out!!
 Lolly Wolly Doodle has a big sale this week, I was able to get this dress for under $15, love the draw string waist! I paired it with my purple necklace and earrings.
 I've had this top for a number of years, I can't remember where is came from but it still fit so I was happy! I paired it with my black pants and black necklace Mom got me from Target.
 You have seen this outfit a few times, but it always makes me happy wearing anything from the Lauren Conrad Disney collection, this is the Bambi top and necklace I love.
 This is my new top from, love the buffalo check!! And it has a cute ruffle around the bottom, I paired it with my red skirt and black heels!
 Thursday means its Friday Eve! Almost time to close all the work tabs and enjoy some weekend time!!

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