Monday, January 9, 2017

Amicalola Falls

Hope everyone had a great weekend, did you get some winter weather in your part of the world?! We got some in Athens and in Cumming, as a matter of fact when I left for work this morning, there was still some icy patches on the road where the sun never hit, but it should be warming up as the week goes on.
 I took this picture on Sunday of our mailbox, I thought it was so pretty with the berry's and pure white snow.
I wanted to share with you our New Year's Day trip to beautiful Amicalola Falls, it was cold and rainy but we still had fun!
 On our way to the falls we stopped by the Dawsonville Varsity and of course it was delicious!
 The girls and I got some hot dogs while Hubby got some chili dogs and chili hamburger with a frosted orange and of course, apple pie!
 As I mentioned earlier, it was pretty cold and foggy but we had a little break from the rain on our way up there, its a really pretty park and for $5, a great value! You can hike, picnic and lodge there.
 As soon as we got out of the car and bundles up, the rain starting coming down! But we still went on and the girls loved it, especially throwing sticks over the falls.

Although she doesn't look too happy here, Nicole loved running around and picking up sticks just like her big sister!
 Family selfie over the falls!
 A picture from the very top looking down!
 All that running around really tired the girls out, and Hubby was snoozing too of course!
 Long weekends with the girls inside can be a lot, it was fun for us to get out and play. And because I was an art major, here is a little Bob Ross waterfall for you...
 He was such a delight!

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