Monday, January 16, 2017

Inside Out Movie Night

Happy MLK day everyone!
I have enjoyed seeing so many great quotes posted on social media today that Martin Luther King said, this was one of my favorites. For me its so easy to get mad and want to get even or keep a grudge. Its much harder to let go and rise above, but if you can I think it makes you a better person. MLK's quotes are ageless & really smart.
 Moving on to a different subject, Friday night we watched the emotions filled Inside Out movie, it was super cute!! I picked up a box of Inside Out fruit snacks form Walmart, Taylor LOVES her some fruit snacks!
 Taylor and Nicole got the character doll Disgust, Taylor was not sure yet what that meant but she liked her green hair!
 I printed off some quotes from the movie like this one "Are we sure this sparkling grape punch is safe?" so I made some yummy grape Kool Aid, a child hood favorite!
 For the emotion anger I got some Flamin Hot Cheetos! But only Hubby likes them, me and the girls will stick to regular Cheetos!
 "Keep me away from that broccoli pizza San Fran! I'll stay with the candy!"
So these were broccoli tots I picked up at the store, I gave them a chance. But all I can say is YUCK! And they stink!!
 Donut be said, especially when there are yummy donuts on the table!
 A pop of Joy was Nicole's favorite, she LOVES popcorn!
 PB&J's made our Sadness sandwiches
 Checking out all the snacks
 Watching the movie and giving Daddy a leg hug
 Movie time!
 The movie was spot on with all the emotions we go thru, especially little ones. My girls can be screaming their heads off and 5 minutes later they are laughing!

This was a super cute movie and we had a good time watching it!! it gave us a lot of Joy :-)

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