Thursday, January 12, 2017

Simple Joys

I think by now everyone is back at work/school with the holidays off, I know this work week has seemed kind of long to me, I am wishing for a long weekend! But hopefully its been a good week for you, it has been for us :-)
 I saw this quote about finding joy in the ordinary and I really liked it, its what I try to do in my simple joys. Just regular every day life & there is a lot to smile about :-)
 Uncle David & Aunt Karen got the girls these super big & soft Disney blankets. Coco in my blanket girl, she loves them and wants to hold on all the time or she screams...LOUD. She is loving this new blanket look how happy she is!!
 Getting back to a full work week is tough, but having a co worker bring in home made rum cake makes it a lot easier!! YUM!!
 I am a cream cheese lover!! I could eat bagels and cream cheese all day. That is why when I saw this new cherry flavored cream cheese I had to try cause I love cherries. It did not disappoint!! This stuff is so good, its like a dessert, I defiantly recommend it!
 You know I love a good side by side, especially in a cute buffalo check top! Both my stylish girls!
 When we left Athens last weekend we pulled into Dunkin Donuts for a box of munchkins, these little poppers are so good and perfect for me to munch on while driving!
 Real life right here!
As Nicole is getting bigger, Taylor is enjoying her more, especially when it comes to wrestling. They learned this from their Dad.
 But still all smiles :-)
Coco love anything Taylor does. Sisters are the best!
 Getting ready in the morning I like to listed to Pandora, so when my favorite Lenny Kravitz song came on I cranked it up. And I mean just look at him...that is a joy in itself!
For Christmas Aunt Judy got the girls this super cute Tickle Monster book, Taylor has loved it and it even comes with tickle gloves!
Look at those big smiles, thanks Aunt Judy!!
 If you are lucky like me to have an Olive Garden new your office you must try their lunch special! I think they have the best lunch special around, I got these bread sticks, huge salad, and pasta for $8, its a great deal and so good!!
 I went back in forth thinking if I should share this, but it makes me laugh so I hope you feel the same way. These 2 ladies are Diamond and Silk, they are very big and vocal Trump supporters. I don't want to get political or anything, but it made me laugh cause this caption read "Our face watching Obama's farewell speech"
I can't stop laughing!!
 The day before the snow was supposed to arrive of course we had to wear our snowman shirt!!
 Check our these huge Minnie Mouse slippers, she loves them!!
 The yummy ice cream shop near our house, Ice Cream Social has now started serving sandwiches! Hubby and I tried the chicken salad sandwich, very good and the ice cream was delicious!!

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