Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bulldog Basketball

As much as I complain about work, there are a lot of things I really like, an income, lots of laughing and some great friendships with my co workers and customers! One of my long time customers had some extra tickets to the Bulldog basketball game vs Texas and asked if I wanted them, he had 4 so it was perfect for us!!
It happened to work out my parents and brother with his buddies also has tickets, so we got to hang out with them after the game too!
 Ring the bell, its Taylor's first basketball game!!
 Snacks are always a must with our girls, we got some popcorn, Skittles and a Coke!
 Here we are cheering on the Dawgs, beat Texas!!
 Check out these seats, second row!!! I have never sat this close before, it was awesome and we got some free shirts!!
 Here is Coco taking it all end, my baby girl had a rough ride into Athens, she like me, Gigi and Taylor get car sick very easily. About 30 min to go and she got really sick in the back seat, poor thing. I think it wore her out cause she was pretty calm and sleepy at the game, which was good for me!
 Taylor is loving this plus she has a big bag of popcorn!
 A great half time performance form the drum line
 My friend Mary Kendrick sent me this screen shot, here we are on TV with Nicole snoozing!!
After the Dawgs got the win we went back to the condo for some pizza, here is Tay with Granddaddy and Aunt Karen
 We had a great time at the game and are so grateful for the tickets, GO DAWGS!!

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