Monday, October 31, 2016

Tour of Southern Ghosts

BOO Y'all!! Happy Halloween!
This weekend my cousin's Ella and Sophie stayed with us and boy did we have a lot of fun!!
They were so sweet and helpful, I wish they could stay with us all the time. We had a great time doing all kinds of fun Halloween activities, our first spooky stop was at Stone Mountain's Tour of Southern Ghosts. This is a fun tradition Stone Mountain does every Halloween, Hubby has been going since he was a little monster. It runs every Friday-Sunday night at the Antebellum Plantation. Here are some scary pics from our trip!

We arrived at the park around 6:45, there was a line but it was not too bad. They offer snacks and apple cider while you wait, yum!
Hubby got us a big glass of apple cider in this cute BOO Y'all cup, scary good!
There are some haystacks with light up pumpkins you can look at while you wait, the girls really liked these. The pumpkins spell our Southern Ghosts :-)
BOO snacks while you wait, apple cider, hot chocolate and popcorn, YUM!
As you start you walk around the plantation there are different storytellers along the way each with their own spooky tale and beautiful cloths, I just loved the dresses!
The older girls seemed to enjoy the stories more then the younger (naturally), but being outside Taylor and Nicole were able to walk around and play while the story telling was going on. I just loved walking thru the plantation at night, especially the main house, look at how pretty the stairs and front porch are. I can only imagine all that has happened in that house.
At the end of the tour we walked thru a graveyard of people who didn't make it our alive, meet The Rott Family...RIP!
Don't worry, we made it thru the tour alive and all smiles!!
Again, I can't say how much fun with Sophie and Ella in town, here is Sophie helping Taylor and she was the best helper!! She loves little kids so much, I told her she needs to work in a daycare, she would be fantastic!
My awesome family, love all these people so much!!
Before we headed out to Stone Mountain, I fixed up some super easy Walking Tacos for dinner. All you do is get your favorite taco toppings, prepare the meat and get an assortment of your favorite chips. Pour all the toppings into the bag and enjoy, trust me you will love this one!
Also before Halloween is over swing by Starbucks and pick up the seasonal Frappula Frappacino, its so good!! White Chocolate and blood AKA raspberry syrup!!

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