Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend Nicole and I took a fun trip to Kinsey Family Farm in Gainesville. I've been to a couple a local pumpkin patches and this one is defiantly my favorite. Its so pretty and lots of fun! Daddy and Taylor opted not to join us which I was bummed about, I heard when we came back Taylor regretted her decision to stay home and kept telling Daddy she wanted to go. Maybe I will get another chance to take her again, but mean while Nicole and I had great time and I got some good pics!!
Kinsey Family Farm grows pumpkins and Xmas trees, its on some really beautiful open land and the weather was great, a perfect fall day!
There is lots to do there from hay rides, picking a pumpkin, riding in the wagons and buying some homemade goodies!
So many pumpkins to see with my BOO-tiful girl!! Isn't this the cutest onesie, its from Walmart for $5...SCORE!
Nicole found a pumpkin just her size!
I just love this one with the American Flag in the background.
Look closely and you can see the Xmas trees growing in the background.
Her first time in a wagon and she loved it!
Whenever we go out I always get the sweetest compliments on how cute Nicole is and I couldn't agree more!! This very sweet lady just loved Nicole and wanted to know all about her, she even took this picture of us!
Nicole decided she not only wanted to hold one pumpkin she needed another!
There were cute fall displays all around!
And of course lots of snacks and drinks!
If you are looking for something more then the standard orange pumpkins, there were plenty of multi colored ones around for the picking!
After buying our pumpkins we stopped by the petting farm and said hello to this cute cow...MOO!
I love driving down a dirt road lined with trees, its so pretty!
Along with some pumpkins I picked up some $7 apple bread, although it's pretty pricey for bread it's delicious! I toasted it with some butter, very good!!
If you live in the North GA area swing by Kinsey Family Farm, you will have a blast!
7170 Jot Em Down Rd, Gainesville, GA 30506

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