Monday, October 10, 2016

Hocus Pocus Movie Night

We continued our Halloween Movie Night this week with the Disney not so scary movie Hocus Pocus...bwahahahahaha!
The movie centers around 3 witches so we drank some Witches Brew of course!
Hawaiian Punch seems to be my go to movie night drink these days, they offer so much variety and its delicious!
I used a lot of my den decorations for the tables capes, I love this glittery black pumpkin and Taylor likes the spider on the orange pumpkin!
We also dined on some Pocus Pizza!! AKA cheese pizza with olive smiley faces, Taylor is just like me, she LOVES black olives!!
I'm really getting a lot of use from my Home Goods Halloween plate, I used it as my cookie holder, Taylor picked out these Creepy Cookies!
Ready to Watch Witches!!
BOO!!! Its Hocus Pocus time!!
Before the movie started I was doing some outdoor decorating with Nicole, have you ever tried decorating with a kid on your hip, its not for the weak!! Here are some too cute pics I wanted to share of my little goblin!
Hey there everyone!!
Did this cat fart or something?!
Best Halloween picture EVER!!!


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