Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Hubby!

Last weekend we celebrated Hubby's 34th birthday! It was his day all day! He got to sleep in, go wherever he wanted, pick any kind of lunch, open presents and eat some ice cream cake, then a special dinner! It was a fun day to show how special he is to all of us! 
Here are some adorable pics when he was a little rascal, see a resemblance with the girls?!
Our birthday breakfast had some spooky guests and a big yellow balloon Taylor picked out!
Donut be scared of these Halloweenie's from Dutch Monkey Donuts!! They are frightfully delicious!
Taylor even joined in the scary fun with some vampire teeth!
That afternoon per Hubby's request we went to see his 8th boys play football, the girls loved walking around and watching the cheerleaders!
It was a beautiful fall day but VERY windy!! 
The wind didn't bother this gal, she was loving all the open space and Skittles Daddy got her!
Daddy and Coco cheering on The Knights!
When we got back from the game we enjoyed some Dairy Queen ice cream cake, YUM!
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
My sweet friend and coworker Kate was kind enough to come over and watch our girls so I could take the birthday boy out for a dinner. We headed down to Buckhead to Flip Burger, its a trendy burger boutique that was just as good as I had heard!
The inside was filled with really cool designs, a lot of white and high top tables.
Hubby ordered some yummy fried pickles for our appetizer, very crispy and delish!
Flip Burger is also known for this unique milkshakes and its no doubt why when I had this Krispy Kreme shake...YUM!
Hubby had the praline pumpkin shake, it was great too!
This is THE BEST burger I've had ever!! It's called the Southern Burger, it had a chicken fried hamburger patty with pimento cheese, sweet potato tots and cinnamon butter to dip them in. Go ahead and roll me out of here.
This was what Hubby ordered, a Chorizo burger with fried egg and tots, he loved it!
If you follow the blog you may remember Hubby was very sick this summer, he was in ICU for 12 days. All birthday's are special, but this birthday was very special for me, I am so grateful for his good health and positive changes he has made. I hope 34 is his best year yet!!


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  1. I think he had a most excellent birthday...so special & loved by our family!