Friday, October 28, 2016

Simple Joys

My to-get list seems to keep growing this week with all the things I need to buy before Halloween but we are getting really exited around here to celebrate!! Today at work we had a pumpkin carving contest, here is what our group came up with:
Hubby helped me a lot and we had a lot of fun. Having little ones around the house and tons of dirty diapers I had all the supplies :-)
We also enjoyed some Halloween cupcakes, scary good!
This little monkey loves some bananas!
I always enjoy reading with Taylor at night, we have a small collection of Halloween books but its a lot of fun!
Pandora has a great Halloween station, so many great songs keep playing, but this one is one of my all time favorite songs Halloween or not! Its hauntingly beautiful and from my favorite Disney movie.
With Nicole walking now, she loves going outside, she falls down a lot but loves to explore the drive way, grass and garage! The weather is perfect for playing outside in the evening!
I recently opening a savings account for Nicole, or should I say Natalie?! Companies seem to have one actress in mind when they think of our daughter!! I know Nicole WISHES her account looked like Natalie Portman's!
Driving home from dinner the other night Hubby snapped this picture of the Atlanta sky line. Atlanta is so pretty at night, we have a great city!!
The girls adorable fall school pictures came in, love these 2 so much!
I hope everyone out there has a great weekend filled with lots of rest and fun!!

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