Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Saturday in Athens

With UGA having another home game last weekend against Vandy, we headed up to Athens Saturday morning. We sold our tickets and watched the game on TV, it didn't have a great result for sure! The Dawgs ended up losing but we still had fun and I took my first trip to Trader Joe's!
Taylor and her side pony are ready to cheer on the Dawgs!
Taylor got some great puzzles for her birthday so we pulled a matching game up with some gummy bears and played a game, she is really good at matching them all!
Coco loves to crawl around on anything!
With our Dawgs not playing so hot, Nicole and I took a little trip to Trader Joe's. I have always wanted to go, I hear about it a lot on blogs, but there is not one close to my house. But there is one in Athens, only about 15 minutes away...SCORE!!
A cute little pumpkin stand when we rolled up in our shopping cart.
My favorite blogger Dixie Delights mentioned Trader Joe's cinnamon dusted Tuscan cheese so that is what I was on the hunt for. They had so many specialty cheese's I got some other flavors too!!
Outside they had a cute little Trader Joe's truck to take pictures at, you know I was all over that!
Truckin It!!
We got a yummy bag full of goodies, here is what we have been munching on!
Here is the cheese I mentioned earlier, its cinnamon dusted, I have never had that before but it was really good!
Some yummy, crispy pita chips
Paired with some turkey sausage we had a good meat and cheese tray!
For dessert my parents picked up some delicious dessert's from their trip to Helen, GA. This Ritz Cracker, peanut butter, chocolate cookie was one of THE BEST cookies I have ever had!! I could eat an entire box all by myself!!
Despite the loss we had a great time in Athens as always, its perfect weather and I had a fun shopping tip, I will defiantly be making another Trader Joe's trip when we had back in a few weeks. If you have any suggestions on what you love there, I would love to hear them!
After work yesterday I heard early voting started. Luckily where I vote is right next to the girls day care, I got there right before 6 PM, no line and I got to cast my vote. I know how fortunate I am, especially as a woman my vote counts here, in a lot of countries, it wouldn't. I have defiantly paid more attention to this election then anyone before. GO USA!!!


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