Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Saturday in Athens

Last Saturday morning we packed up and headed to Athens to cheer on the Dawgs against Tennessee. My Mom was sweet enough to watch the girls while Hubby and I went to the game with my Dad. The outcome of the game was a heart breaker for our Dawgs, with 10 seconds left we thought we had won but then TN threw a hail Mary and it worked and they won. But on a positive note the team played with a lot of heart and as in life, when you are down you have to pull yourself up again. I am hoping they have better luck against USC. But besides the outcome of the game we had a good time! Here are some pics from our Saturday!
Down here in the South football is a big deal and lot of people dress their best to cheer on their favorite team! I got this Lolly Wolly Doodle dress in black, its sleeveless so I thought it would be perfect for a lot of games, I can layer it up with a cardigan for cooler games. I love the dress and the monogram but it seemed to take a long time to arrive!! I ordered this in July and it arrived in September...yikes!! But they did give me a nice discount for waiting so I can appreciate the good customer service :-)
My parents and die hard Dawg fan usually head up to Athens on Friday and enjoy the day around the Classic City and go out to eat with my cousins. Last Friday they got to meet sports media personality Paul Finebaum of the Paul Finebaum Show on ESPN radio, very cool! They were even front row during his show on TV!
Here we are with sweet Aunt Brenda, my Mom's middle sister!! She is awesome and has been there for me since I was a baby and continues to be there for my girls, love ya Aunt Brenda and Uncle Lee!!
You know I love a good before and after pic, here is a great one!! This picture of Brooks and Taylor was taken when they were both 1. Brooks' Daddy Gray and I went to high school together and his wife Trisha and Mom and Dad are super sweet. Check out these cuties now...
Isn't Brooks a cutie?! Taylor needs to keep an eye on him!!! He is super sweet and they play really good together!
Both Gray and Trisha added to their family with baby Taylor who is about to be one, the same age as Nicole! Our tailgate group just keeps growing with Bulldog puppies!
Hubby and I cheering on the Dawgs, we sat with Dad and got a big coke and popcorn...YUM!!
Aunt Brenda got me this super cute Bulldog purse for Christmas a few years ago, love it along with my monogram dress, I felt like a true Southern fan!
While we were at the game Gigi had her hands full with the girls! She took them to Walmart, Taylor has been wanting ANOTHER Paw Patrol toy, she is obsessed! But she knows how to work it!! Nicole also got a cute little purple car, zoom, zoom!
Nicole getting attacked my the tickle monster!!
Gigi and Granddaddy were sweet enough to move the girls around, they moved Coco's crib into their extra room and put Taylor's toddler bed in ours, too bad they didn't put it in Uncle G's room!
Doesn't this look cozy?!
Thanks Gigi and Granddaddy for all the extra help, we had a blast!!
And because I still have a broken bitter Bulldog heart I wanted to share this!! Every time I see Coach Butch Jones I think of the bully from A Christmas Story, see the resemblance?!!



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  1. We enjoyed the weekend so much, even with the heartbreaker loss, it was a winner weekend in every way! Can't wait til next up... it's GREAT to be a GA BULLDAWG !!