Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Some more outdoor decor & Simple Joys

Holiday decorating seems to take me a lot longer since having kids, I use to could get everything done in a day, but now I have to really break it up. Most of the time its at night when Nicole is asleep or on the weekend, but I defiantly have more fun then ever before with little kids to enjoy all the fun decorations, especially our new ghost outside...

BOO! He is pretty scary don't you think!! I found him at Target for $12, he is lightweight and looks really spooky when the wind is blowing. I also love the hooks already on him to hang up his ghost arms!
I also added some pretty black ribbon I found at Walmart around my little front door lamps!
Of course while getting some black ribbon, orange was a must! You may remember I mentioned earlier our Halloween cereal bar, I thought it was missing something so I tied some pretty chevron orange and black ribbon around each jar. I also printed off some friendly ghost and taped them on, I love how it turned out, the update I was looking for!
Also at Target was this super cute Trick or Treat sign, when candy runs out, just flip it over!! I have seen this sign all over Instagram and its a steal for $4...SCORE!!!
Hubby is even getting in the holiday spirit with me this year, he went shopping at The Dollar Store and picked up some scary spider webs for the front bushes and another hanging spooky skeleton! I was trying to get a picture of the house so you could see what it looks like with the orange bush light, but then you could not see our house. As I have said before my photography skills are not all that, even though I did take photography while in college :-)
 While grocery shopping I picked up this new flavor of Martha White Strawberry Cheesecake Muffin Mix and they were just as good as they sound!! Plus they are a super easy and cheap breakfast, just add milk and top with butter...YUM!!
Taylor's sweet friend and our neighbor came over Saturday to play with Taylor and they played all day long! I heated up some Toll House Halloween Chocolate Chip cookies and they were all gone by the end of the day. Cookies have always been tricky for me, with our oven I found I only bake them for a super short time, maybe 5 min and while they still LOOK very dough like, its best to take them out and they will continue baking on the hot cookie sheet. It help makes them soft in the middle and crispy on the outside, perfect with some cold milk!
Not only did we have some yummy cookies and muffins, Hubby picked up some Del Taco and it was great! I have not had Del Taco in years but they built one not too far from us, its just as good as Taco Bell, in fact I like their taco's better. And that is no fried egg roll, its got caramel and cream cheese stuffed inside...DELISH!!!!
With Hurricane Matthew hitting our neighbor's on the east coast, the GA vs USC game was moved to Sunday, first time I can remember that but it worked out really good for us! Catching and scoring a TD from the on side kick, the Dawgs got a the win over the Gamecocks, GO DAWGS!
I enjoy having a glass of pumpkin spice cappuccino in the morning while I get ready for work and this mug from Walmart is super cute and perfect for my morning drink.
Learning to walk can really make one tired and sometimes you just have to lay down wherever you feel like it XOXO
The weather is so great outside right now I try to take Nicole on a stroll every night, one out way back home looking down our street you can see the red fall leaves starting to change, so pretty.
Hope you are enjoying this magical time of the year!!

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