Thursday, October 20, 2016

Halloween Skull & What I Wore

Mr. Skully is the newest addition to our Halloween table and he is about as scary as I get around the house! With little ones and myself, I am not really into frightening decor, I like more fun stuff!
He came from Target and I used my Martha Stewart serving tray and put some scary black fabric and garland around his head...BOO!
Another great Target Halloween find was this adorable orange and black wreath, I love it!! Plus it was a big pretty bow at the top!
Here is a pic our our dining room Halloween tablescape, come eat with us...IF YOU DARE!
This is not exactly the easiest picture to see, but I wanted to show you our new orange flickering light bulb Hubby put it, perfect for Halloween trick or treaters!
You know I can't resist a new Disney treat so when I saw these new k cup Frozen hot chocolate's, they jumped right into my shopping cart!
With a lot of cool whip, candy corn and Halloween straw, it was a perfect night time drink, very good!
My family loves some candy corn, its a delicious Halloween treat and I like to keep the candy tray full, you only live once right!
You may remember this top before from, this time instead of denim, I paired it with a red skirt and loved it. I think it really brings out the red flowers in the top.
My Mom got me this dress a few years ago from Stein Mart, its a pretty leopard pattern that I paired with a black cardiagain since it was a little chilly that day.
Continuing with my love of all things leopard, I wore this pretty coral dress and scarf, this was another dress Mom gave me, doesn't she have great tastes? I also get lots of sweet compliments when I wear this dress :-)
This is my new cold shoulder top from, I am really liking it to! The neck is pretty eye so I don't feel like I am exposing too much skin. I have been seeing these tops all over Instagram lately!
You know I always love a good side by side picture of the girls, here are they in the same yellow outfit, one year old. I defiantly think they look alike, love these sweet sisters!
And to close out another side by side piggy tail pic!!


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