Thursday, October 27, 2016

What I Wore & Halloween Time Hop

With the end of the month just around the corner and a holiday, there is always something going on at work or home this week it seems like, from the weather report, looks like Halloween in GA will be fantastic! Comfortable and fall like! 
I've been using Instagram a lot this week for new wardrobe ideas, there are a lot of fashion bloggers out there I follow, I try to use what I already have and here are some new styles I came up with this week:
It's perfect weather for laying up, I dusted off my super soft denim jacket I got from Walmart last fall and paired it with my light blue sleeveless ruffled top from I also pulled out my red pencil skirt from Amazon and Target booties. has been my favorite new fashion website for super cheap cloths that you can wear so many ways. I got this green top from there and paired it with my black pencil skirt and zebra print sweater. This sweater is so old I can't remember this source! I am loving this beautiful black necklace Mom got me from Target this summer, it goes with everything and is pretty lightweight. I also paired this outfit with my Target booties, after all, they are made for walking!
Hubby had a back check up this week so he left work a little early and surprised me by bringing this yummy Sea Salt Caramel Frappaccino to my office, the perfect pick me up! He also thought I was a picnic table cloth.
His style is different then mine! He has no idea how in buffalo check is, but my Mom sure does! She hooked me up with this super cute vest from Stein Mart I believe. I paired it with my Shein plaid button down top and khaki pencil skirt. I love the vest cause its light weight and not to puffy.
I freshened up my beautiful gray chevron Lolly Wolly Doodle dress with my green vest, I seriously wear this thing at least once a week I think, it goes with everything! I love this dress cause it has my initial monogrammed in yellow on the bottom corner. Lolly Wolly has super cute stuff but think ahead, their orders usually take over a month to arrive, but they are made here in the USA which is awesome and their customer service is great!
For Hubby's birthday dinner I pulled out my best Lilly P long sleeve dress and bright pink vest, love this combo! I felt so bright and pretty! I also wore my brown boots. And may this necklace RIP :-( When I came home that night, I was changing Nicole's diaper, she grabbed this necklace so tight my neck stayed on but the necklace broke and went everywhere!
This is my favorite Walmart fashion find lately, this sweater is like a comfy blanket, I absolutely love it, and it was $14...SCORE!! I paired it with my black leggins, a tank top beneath and brown boots. I will be wearing this comfy top all season for sure!
This shirt is so awesome, its scary!
I ordered it from Etsy shop Forever Strong Apparel, a little pricey at $23 but its my favorite Halloween top and I also get asked where I got it when I wear it. If you want this cute spooky shirt yourself check out:
I have mentioned how much I love the Time Hop app many times, and for reasons just like the picture above, its my sweet dog Gizmo Garrett modeling his Trick or Treat shirt many years ago. In fact I believe its when Hubby and I wore living in a little one bedroom apartment. Giz was a good sport about letting me dress him, he LOVED sitting by a fireplace or open window. He sure was a cutie and I think about him a lot XOXO

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