Monday, October 3, 2016

4 Year Old Check Up & Movie Night

I think as I have gotten older I enjoy Halloween more now then I did as a kid! Don't get me wrong, I have great memories of trick or treating around my old neighborhood. I grew up in a fantastic, beautiful neighborhood with lots of friends to play with. We even had a neighborhood Halloween party with hay rides and treats, so much fun! With October officially here its all Halloween treats and decor for a month, with great weather and lots of birthday the days ahead will be filled with lots of celebrations! But before all the partying, Taylor had her 4 year old check up Friday. If you have a 4 year old you that means one thing...VACCINES.
Taylor and Nicole have been giving vaccines since they were born, so I've done it a lot, but never with a big kid and boy did it stink. Just being honest here.
Keeping my girls vaccinating is a requirement with our daycare and in my opinion, good parenting. It's an extra defense to keep them safe. But it's not fun for ANYONE!!
 So like any good parent I tried to make this as easy as possible for us both. I took a half day Friday and took Taylor to McDonald's for lunch. As my brother pointed out it was her 2nd trip to Mickey D's that week...but to be fair it was her birthday and she had to get 2 shots, I will give the girl whatever she wants to endure that!
My girl loves a chicken nugget Happy Meal, heck who am I kidding, I do too!! I still have memories of when my Dad was working late or playing golf on Saturday, Mom would take me to McDonald's or Arby's and we would have lunch/dinner, it was a blast! And easy on the wallet. Plus you get a cool toy, check out Taylor's glasses!
Taylor did great and is healthy, what a blessing that is. She had a hearing/vision test, saw how tall she was and got weighed. She enjoyed all that...until it was time
I don't consider myself a cruel Mother so I did not take any pics of the shots. In fact I was holding her chest down so I was not even able to! She screamed pretty good but like the strong girl she is, calmed down, stopped crying, and got TWO treasures from the treasure box! Proud of you Tay, you are such a big girl!!
Hoping to make her day a little better and to kick off the Halloween season we watched Mickey's Halloween Treat! Since I am not into scary movies at all, this was a great, non-scary cute movie to watch I got off Ebay. I also picked up some cute pumpkin plates and napkins from Walmart.
If you follow the blog you may remember this cute Halloween plate from Home Goods I got for $5...SCORE! Perfect for some Oogie Boogie Oreo's!
Cruella de Vil Chips and Salsa, if she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will!
Evil Queen Quesadillas! So bad yet so good!
When I made my printable's earlier, I thought I would do Maleficent Milk, turns out getting orange Hawaiian Punch was easier and cheap and just as good!
I also picked up some Minnie ears and Halloween pajamas from Walmart, Taylor enjoying some chips!
Even Daddy joined in with the Minnie ears, hes such a good sport! Nicole has chipmunk cheeks here, I think she was munching on a chip!
My big brave girl post vaccines!
I hope everyone has a great Halloween season, I am looking forward to sharing our spooky decor this week!!


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