Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Its the start of a new month, can you believe it?! And the holiday's are just around the corner!
I wanted to share what a fun Halloween we had this year, with the girls getting older they are really starting to enjoy all the costumes and candy! Taylor was even ringing door bells all on her own! With Halloween falling on a week day this year I took a half day from the office and I was so glad I did. Hubby and I got to attend the girls Halloween Parade at school!
 Here comes Nicole first, see our little genie on the far left, being held OF COURSE!
And then out came our other genie, Shine!
After the parade we were invited back into the classroom to snack on some spooky Halloween Party food!
The parents are asked to each bring something for the party, I used these 3 simple ingredients to create some Halloween cookies. Just melt the Wilson Candy Melts in the microwave, dip the Oreo's and sprinkle on what ever color you want to, so good!
Let them dry over night, I like to put mine in the fridge and enjoy!
Of course Taylor wanted the cupcake first, her favorite!!
Even Nicole got to come to the party with the big kids!
Since Daddy was dismissed from Jury Duty early he got to party too!
I really try to enjoy every second with Hubby and I are able to attend a school function, with us both working it doesn't always happen like this so I am really grateful we got to enjoy the parade with the girls.
Before we knew it, it was time to start trick or treating!
Candy bucket is loaded and ready!
Nicole switched into a new Halloween costume, it was still so hot I thought her being in a long sleeve shirt would not be comfortable, enter Taylor's Snow White Halloween costume!
She was excited seeing Taylor ring the door bell!
Shine filling that candy bag UP!
Has it got darker we headed back to our house to hand out more candy, we had a lot of trick or treaters, all in great outfits!
Nicole liked just being able to walk around and look at everything.
I think she looks like she is going BOO in this pic!
First sucker!
I also picked up this Halloween Cake from a yummy bakery called Nothing Bundt Cake, its red velvet with chocolate chips and cream cheese icing! While I was in the bakery I saw Pastor Andy Stanly, he is Pastor to one to Atlanta's biggest church organizations, North Point Ministries. He is a fantastic speaker, I have seen him a few times preach. Looking back I wish I would have said hello but I was too star struck!
I picked up some cheap black bags at Walmart and used some play sand we had in the garage to make some Halloween luminaries, it was the first time I have done this and I loved it!! I think it also helped trick or treaters see the steps leading to the candy!
Not only is Halloween tons of fun, its also super special cause it's Gigi's birthday!!
We were so excited she and Granddaddy came all the way up to go to Trunk or Treat with us at church. Hubby cooked a yummy steak and fish meal and we enjoyed a yummy Publix Birthday Cake. We love Gigi so much and wish her the happiest of birthday's, hope its the best year YET!!


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  1. I couldn't have asked for a more special birthday weekend... delicious dinner, yummy birthday cake & most importantly... special time with all my favorite little ( & big) goblins!! It was a TREAT for sure.. Thank YOU!!~