Monday, October 24, 2016

Lifesize Mr. Skully & Movie Night

At my job we are all giving a set number of vacation days to use per year based on how many years of service you have. I some how miscalculated and actually has more days off then I thought...greatest news ever!! So I use them and don't want to lose them, last Friday I took a day off of work with no doctor appointment or anything like that scheduled. Just a day to myself...YES!!!
My hubby was out of town on a school trip and Taylor talked me into letting her stay home with me. I am a sucker I know. But she is big enough now I can take her to places and do some errands I wanted to do, we actually have fun together. I have fun with Nicole too, but its a lot of work with a baby as you may know :-)
But before our girls day another awesome Halloween decoration arrived from Target:
Meet the life size Mr. Skully!!
Isn't he spooky?!
And just look at Nicole's face, she is not a fan...YET! But don't worry, I am not going to be scaring anyone with him, he is a nice skeleton :-)
Here he is solo...BOO!!!
I also added a few Halloween decorations in our guest room, if anyone dares to spend the night!!
This is a hard picture to see, but I got another Target Halloween wreath, its super cute with orange and black balls. I hung it up with some black chevron ribbon.
I also picked up this Halloween wood sign from Walmart and put it on our guest room dresser. This dresser and bed was mine growing up and I treasure it, its very special to me XOXO
If all that doesn't scare our guests then this little trick or treat sign might do the trick!! Just kidding, its a cute little wooden sign from Walmart too, they have a wonderful and cheap Halloween collection this year!
Taylor and me waiting to be seated at Cracker Barrel Friday morning, I couldn't believe how long the wait was, why are these people not at work? Then I heard, it was a teacher work day for Forsyth County...DUH!
We also stopped by Dairy Queen to get Daddy's birthday cake and got a little treat for ourselves!
For movie night we continued our Halloween movies with The Nightmare Before Christmas, I really enjoyed it! Lots of singing!
The scene of Jack Skellengton singing and the walk way rolling out was my inspiration for the main dish, a store bought apple pie with Redi Whip!
Along with our pie we had some Sally Red Head Punch AKA Hawaiian Punch and gummy bears cause Taylor loves them :-)
Daddy and Taylor excited to watch the movie, SHOWTIME!!


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