Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Grinch Movie Night

This quote may be in my top 3 Christmas Movie quotes of all time, its when The Grinch realizes the true meaning of Christmas. With all the gifts to buy, events to attend, traveling to do, I think we all can loose the joy in the Christmas season, this cute movie is a great reminder and its only 30 minutes, perfect for little kids!
As a side note, this was the first movie night I ever did for my family, it was so much fun we continued doing it all year!!
I pulled Mr. Grinch from our Grinch tree in the playroom, I figured he would like to watch the movie too :-) I also used the picture of Taylor and I last year when we watched The Grinch at our local library with green popcorn!
Trying some Grinch punch AKA green Hawaiian Punch!
 Show time!
I picked up some Oreo's and green Wilson's candy melts for our special treat. These candy melts work great and are microwavable...SCORE!
 Nicole was all about the M&M's! Not eating them, but picking up one at a time and handing them to Daddy.
Cookies and M&M's?! We love them!!
 Nicole Lou-Who
 Give me that M&M Mommy!!!
May all our hearts grow 3 sizes this holiday season XOXO


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