Monday, November 7, 2016

Friday Night Under The Patio Lights & Simple Joys

Happy Monday everyone, are you still adjusting to the time change yet?! As all parents know kids don't really sleep an hour later cause of the clock so Sunday was not too hard for me, I just don't like getting home and its already dark! But the fall days have been wonderful here in GA so I really can't complain!
Tomorrow is a HUGE day for America, we finally get to find out the winner of this years Presidential race is, I know everyone is anxious to see the results!
It should be an exciting week along with the fun weekend we just had, the weather is so great here Taylor is outside playing almost every night so Friday night we didn't do anything too special, except enjoy some pizza and dessert under our patio lights. Sometimes just being at home and relaxing is just what we all need!
Hubby ordered a pizza from Marco's, I laughed cause our neighbors and my parents picked up Marco's Friday night too!
Taylor loves the Mickey Mouse snack's, they come in mouse shaped packages with fruit, pretzels and cheese, and they are pretty cheap!
When Hubby orders pizza he usually will also get either a salad, wings or dessert, lucky me he ordered this warm, cinnamon & sugar with butter dessert and no kidding, we ate this entire thing!!
Nicole seems to be such a different eater then Baby Taylor was, she LOVES pizza and chicken, Taylor is not a huge fan. Here she is enjoying some pizza!
Taylor & Daddy being silly
Me & my baby XOXO
After Halloween I realized I had some personal days left at work to use before the end of the year, talk able JOY!!
I think this summer I pushed myself so much at work cause I was unsure if I would need days off at work to care for Hubby once he left the hospital. My hard work paid off and I got to enjoy 2 days off work and I loved every moment!! I was able to take down my Halloween decor and start my Xmas decor. I started off with my cute Lilly P dress and a sweet treat from DQ, love it!!
While the girls were at daycare, I was able to meet Hubby for lunch in downtown Cumming at Laguna Mexican Grill, he had just left jury duty so it worked out really good and it was yummy!
He orderd the chicken tortilla soup with lime
I had this huge Taco Salad, very good!
If you are a county music fan like me, you loved the 50th Annual CMA Music Awards, I watched the entire thing and loved every second! Even Nicole likes the song Peter Pan :-)
I've been a People Magazine subscriber for years, love it! I enjoy having a few minutes to myself to look thru, especially when silver fox Jon Bon Jovi is on the cover. As I was reading thru it seemed like every article was aimed in one direction, I will let you guess what way that was by the pics above!!
 The headline in this article make me laugh!!!
When Ella and Sophie stayed with us, my cousin Mindy gifted me these cute magnets, pens and stationary from Hallmark, love them all!! Isn't she so sweet?!
 I love Friday nights knowing you don't have to wake up to an alarm, even better is when my sweet girls falls asleep in my arms. One of the best feelings ever XOXO


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