Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Lunch at Chicken Salad Chick

If you read yesterday's post, I mentioned I had 2 personal days at work to use, so I took off last week and enjoyed every second. On my second day off Taylor stayed with me and we had a blast! Its good for me cause she is old enough to kind of play by herself while I get some stuff down, and good for her to have a break from the every day daycare, win win!
I love going out to eat, but with Baby Nicole its more trouble then its worth, but since it was just me and Taylor I took her to her first Chicken Salad Chick visit!
I'm lucky enough to have a CSC close to my office and my parents have one in Columbus, GA. It's one of my favorite restaurants for sure, so many different varieties of chicken salad, and everything I have tried has been fantastic! Here is Taylor and her Paw Patrol of coarse!
 I brought her a Lunchable from home in case she didn't like it, although chicken salad is not yet her thing, she loves the pasta salad, sweet tea and cookie!
Sippin on sweet tea
I ordered the Fancy Nancy on a croissant with pasta salad and a cookie, YUM!
I just love all the pretty & girlish decor!
Talk about a good cookie, Taylor and I both enjoyed these!
Next we stopped by Daddy's school to drop off lunch
Best buds!
The girls went straight from Halloween into pictures with Santa at school, I was SO glad I ordered their Christmas dresses early, it really paid off!! I can't wait to see what the pics look like.
I really enjoyed a day off work with my big girl, these days don't come often enough so I really try to soak up every second and stay grateful for the time I have off to relax and have fun!!

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